I planned well for my breastfeeding experience.  I located a La Leche League meeting before birth, I read two books on breastfeeding, I think I even took a class.  I had a healthy pregnancy, delivery without interventions and didn’t have any known risk factors for breastfeeding trouble.

Though I was initially worried that my awkward looking breasts wouldn’t do the trick, what I’d learned reassured me that all breasts, no matter the size, can make milk.

Within minutes of birth my sweet baby was latched well and I was enjoying my first foods after the birth.  Forty-eight hours later there was another story.  Our Midwife arrived for our check in and I’d overslept due to being up all night with an insatiable baby.  I was already experiencing my first moments of anxiety that presented as rage.  Of course I didn’t know that, I just knew I was exhausted.  

Our daughter had lost 12% of her body weight.  We settled on a plan to supplement half an ounce, nurse for 10 minutes each breast and then I would pump for 20 minutes.  The next weigh in she still had not gained and we were up to an ounce per feed.  The next weigh in she was gaining but too slowly so we did 2oz per feed.

I’ll never forget running out of donor milk and having to use formula.  I could not think of a bigger failure at that point.  My body had failed my baby and I didn’t have liquid gold to give her.  I was so distraught I made it incorrectly and my husband had to walk to the store and buy more.

I was drowning in worry, shame and terror.  I had no idea why this was happening and no one else seemed to either.  Halfway through her first year, I discovered one paragraph in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding that changed the course of my life.  The words Insufficient Glandular Tissue were attached to those rare women who couldn’t exclusively breastfeed.  The description of IGT breasts described mine perfectly and I dove deep into the internet researching that phrase.

In 2011, there weren’t many places you could find information on IGT, but I found them.  And while I have many breastfeeding journey stories to share, today I want to direct you to what I have found to be the best book on low milk supply.  The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk here is the newer, inclusive edition

Check out my review on IGTV below: 

This book is excellent and necessary as many professionals are not equipped to recognize, and treat low milk supply.  Nor are there many places where mothers can find camaraderie and community when struggling with chronic low supply.  Most mothers will need more support than just a book, and I’d love to have mamas get the support they need.  

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Stefanie Melo, Holistic Life and Faith Coach
I’m Stefanie and I am here for you, mama. 

I had expectations of feeling purpose and fulfillment in motherhood. Instead, I experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, isolation and a crisis of faith. 
Feeling like I couldn't be the mom I wanted to be to my five children, I began a journey of deconstructing and challenging everything I thought I believed. It was scary and messy. It felt like heresy! It also led to a deeper faith in Jesus, more peace, and a wholeness I didn't know was possible. 

Today, I am based in Arizona where I Montessori homeschool my 5 children ages 2-10 with my husband, Hernando. I am alligned with my calling as a feminist Jesus lover and a holistic coach to help mamas who are at any point in their evolving journey of faith to reclaim a little more sparkle! 
I coach women to understand and integrate their beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to create a life that offers more clarity, more peace, more joy — a life that is simply better.
I offer a unique approach to life coaching, bringing a wealth of professional expertise including: productivity, planning, massage therapy, infant bonding, fertility enhancement, birth work, postpartum support, breastfeeding support, youth and children’s ministry and Montessori education training.
If you are looking for support that acknowledges your mind, body, spirit and human need for community, I am the coach for you!

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