I grew up in a Pentecostal church I freaking loved.  I attended a christian university. I served in ministry from age 12- age 39.

While  expecting our rainbow baby and four children ages 1-7, conflict arose in our church.  Our desire for reconciliation was met with hostility and we left not only an income source, but our church “family”

I thought I would never feel whole again, but I learned how to. Join me as I share how I went from jaded to joyful.  How I continue to navigate deconstruction without succumbing to despair. Click here to register.

I had the honor of being interviewed by Kate Saffle on the The Happier in Motherhood Podcast.  Click the image to get the link to apple podcasts and then check out Episode 88.

Deconstructing Faith in Motherhood feels like a REALLY high stakes venture.  I just know listening to this episode is going to offer you so much encouragement.

Group Coaching 
Integrate Mind, Body & Spirit in Moms Under Construction

Has your experience shown you that vulnerability is not safe?  That imperfections, out-of-the-box thinking, and different perspectives are dangerous? I have created a community of moms processing faith where authenticity, vulnerability are welcome and holistic integration of mind, body and spirit are encouraged.  It’s the group coaching experience you never knew you needed.

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Holistic Life Coaching

Create a Life with More Joy & Peace

Are you continually feeling overwhelmed?  Are you struggling with lack of vision? Tired of trying so hard to make everything work?

I offer holistic life coaching, which means you get not only the powerful support of life coaching, but you also get tools work on to what’s happening in your physical and spiritual life as well.

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