Weekly Planning isn’t Everything

Imagine with me a 21 year old Stefanie.

Awake before the cold, Minneapolis sun hits her window, she gathers her things and leaves her dorm room.

Minneapolis, St. Anthony, Sunrise, Mississippi

Having been in a Residence Life meeting until 10:30 p.m. last night: she is tired.

Her best friend has a thermos of coffee, mugs and they get in the elevator on the slow (like 30 seconds) ride from the fifth floor to the first.

They grab a booth in the mail room with their friend from another residence hall.

They sip, no guzzle, the coffee, chat and plan out the week ahead.

Before Stefanie worked for the leading time management company in the world (by the way thank you Heather for suggesting I apply for a position there!) she was checklist junkie.

She made lists,  
lists for lists,
and lists of things she already done, 
because dopamine and checklists are her jam.

She took 42 credits her freshman year (including the summer semester) and socialized pretty much all of the time.

Her first semester was pretty much all Cs, and her GPA never quite recovered.

For all her checklists, she didn’t really meet her goals that first semester.
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These weekly planning sessions were part of the key to turning around the ship, wi becoming antisocial.

Weekly planning has been a key to my success as a college student, resident assistant, retail manager, business owner, massage therapists, doula and coach.

But here is something you need to know: weekly planning is the icing on a delicious cake NOT the cake itself.

When you only plan your days and weeks, you end up in your own little hamster wheel accomplishing urgent tasks but sometimes skipping the truly important ones.

You want to build your life on a foundation that is solid, your weekly schedule and tasks are not solid.
Coffee, coffee beans, planning
Build on the foundation of your values.

Values light your path and help you make tough choices,  determine how you spend your time and invest your money.

In Cultivate Clarity, I guide you to clarify your values and deeply understand what that means on a practical level.

Your life is made up of the intention, thoughts and emotions you bring to your days.

Are the intentions, thoughts and emotions supportive of your goals, dreams and purpose?

If not, it is not too late.  

Cultivate Clarity is open for enrollment.
It is the self-guided course you never knew you needed.

Here is what Gina says about it

If you are looking for support that acknowledges your mind, body, spirit and human need for community, I am the coach for you!  Book a free planning & assessment session with me to get clear on what you need.  You’ll be so glad you did! 

How to Get it All Done without Burning Out

I used to always feel stretched to thin.
As an idealist and somewhat creative person, I was bubbling with idea, inspiration that I didn’t know how to implement without burnout.  It seemed like every message was HUSTLE and it just didn’t resonate with my values.
I was so frustrated, as in daily episodes of crying due to frustration,  A fork fell on the floor could set me off  to cry and send me on a cycle of shame for not being a better mom, entrepreneur, wife, adult.
I didn’t know how to be myself and succeed in life while honoring my values.

Then things started coming together for me, ome teaching set the stage for that.  I learned how to be a deeply feeling, introverted, profitable entrepreneur and present mom.  This big lesson I learned from Christy Collins.

I already knew my values, I already knew how to plan.  If you need help with that, you should go grab my signature course Cultivate Clarity.  Shoot me a message for a MASSIVE discount code!
I didn’t know how to have ebbs and flows of activity and rest.  I didn’t know that my menstrual cycle could be the key to unlocking my success as an entrepreneur.  

I also didn’t know that I had a bunch of beliefs and a poor mindset that kept holding me back.  I developed a set of habits to shift me out of that.

But if you constantly feel like your responsibility always i’ll-timed, consider using your menstrual cycle as the key.  I’m deep diving on this topic in. our community Joy and Peace for Moms who Experience Anxiety and Depression and I’ve shared about it on Instagram too.

Now every month is a beautiful cycle of rest, activity, reflection and GETTING THINGS DONE without that awful, exhausting hustle.  I’ll see you in the group.
If you are looking for support that acknowledges your mind, body, spirit and human need for community, I am the coach for you!  Book a free planning & assessment session with me to get clear on what you need.  You’ll be so glad you did! 
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