My 30 Drop Morning Routine

My 30 Drop Morning Routine

Essential Oils for Wellness

In 2016 I became a Young Living member and I came to essential oils for household and physical well being purposes.  I wanted oils to support my immune system and safely care for everyday kid woes.  I wanted to have plant based cleaning products so I could ditch the commerical cleaners I knew were really unhealthy.
Since then, I have brought essential oils into every aspect of my lifestyle with dozens of great testimonies, maybe more.  However, in the last month my anxiety has blown through the roof.

Spiraling Mental State

I’ve dealt with anxiety since 2011 and nothing has compared to what I’ve experienced in the past weeks.  My husband and mom are always telling me, ”use your essential oils.”  Blast my stupid pride, because many times I just don’t because I don’t like being told what to do.  They are right though, Hernando has even said, ”We really don’t use these to our full potential.”  I agree but here is where I was getting tripped up:
I really didn’t know where to start, with over a hundred choices and a handful of resource books, it seemed overwhelming to choose which oils to use. Ever been there?  Analysis Paralysis.
While in the midst of a very powerful and emotionally challenging Aroma Freedom Technique session, I got a bit stuck.  I had support from a practitioner and follower her advice.  I went from crying for 15 minutes on the floor to feeling “okay” when thinking of the memory.

Ready for Change

Finally, I decided I NEEDED to make a shift and I was going to use the oils.  So I pulled out my book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.  I looked up my two dominate negative emotions that were hurting my mindset.  I grabbed the two oils and looked up where on the body I needed to put them.  Then, I flipped to the ear chart and chose the two emotions that were nagging me and started putting the oils recommended on the ear points.

My 30 Drop Routine

So here are my oils and where I am putting them:

Loyalty: between my nose and upper lip
Ginger: over my 9th ribs 
Lavender, Valor, Geranium, Joy, Forgiveness, PanAway one drop of each, per ear on the lower point (see image)
Forgiveness, Grounding, Valor: one drop each per ear, on the upper point (see image)
Endoflex: two drops on the front of my throat
Progessence Plus: four drops on my left forearm, then I rub my forearms together Fennel: two drops between my breasts
Valor: two drops on my wrists
Joy: one drop on my heart

30 Drops probably sounds like TOO MANY OILS to you, that’s okay.  I’ve felt that way too, believed it to be excessive.

It’s Working & Worth It

But let me ask you this: is it better or worse than crying uncontrollably on the floor?  Is it better or worse than self-medicating with alcohol, endless TV shows, dangerous relationships?   This is what I need to do to support my emotional well being, to prevent paralyzing anxiety and spiraling into depression.

Here is the bottom line: I FEEL BETTER.  I FEEL CAPABLE. I FEEL CALM.  I haven’t snapped at my kids, or my husband.  I haven’t felt like bad news was devastation.  I no longer feel cursed.

If it’s not for you, that is totally okay.  But if you are needing to get out of overwhelming emotions, change deep rooted patterns....this just might be for you.

Have you ever used an essential oils to bring up your mood, your vibe, your emotional state?

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