Everyone asks us this question

Everyone keeps asking how we can afford to do this nomadic lifestyle. 

I am often hesitant because talking about money is a bit taboo in our culture.  There are always exceptions but we generally don’t discuss our personal finances.

It’s our top RV lifestyle question.

This reveals that MONEY is on our minds.  We would all do this, or something similar if we could afford it...right?

I also tend to avoid it because I earn good money from my essential oils business.  I am sure you are already screaming to yourself “it’s a pyramid scheme.”  No it’s not, I earn money when I help sell a product. It’s a commission ...moving on.

The answer begins in 2009.  Before we got married we took Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey.

My husband, then boyfriend, had about $4K in consumer debt.  I had about $3000 in consumer debt and about $15K in student loans.

We followed the debt snowball in our individual finances.  He paid off all his debt and cash-flowed my lovely ring.

I paid off most of my consumer debt before we got married, and finished that up about 1.5 years into marriage.  At the 2.5 year mark we were completely out of all debt.

We have had serious income problems at different points and drained emergency funds a few times.

We never went back into debt.  

While we did have a disaster in a bad tow vehicle choice, and we have had dozens of repairs on the trailer....we used a cash budget.  

That’s right, we paid cash for our trailer and truck.  We bought within our means. It wasn’t a lot. I expect our next trailer will be a bigger expense and we look forward to cash-flowing that as well.

Another reason we did cash is because our income sources have changed.  I also had 7 weeks off work due to pandemic AND a maternity leave.  So financing may not have even been favorable for us....but also with new income sources, we didn’t want any additional commitments.  Self-employment often has ups and downs and we don’t know what those will look like yet.  

We all have a money story and while we have been blessed to be debt free and cash flowing, we have  had to overcome our own mindset issues when it comes to money.

There is a fabulous resource led by a License Massage Therapist about healing your money store in the Master Your Money Super Bundle. It’s been a blessing to recognize false beliefs about income.

Do you want to pay off debt, budget like a boss and reach your financial goals?

We have already set our 2021 financial goals and look forward to meeting them. 

Are you happy with where you are financially? 

The Master Your Money SuperBundle includes

  • 8 books
  • 17 audio or video files
  • 13 PDFs and. Workbooks
  • 4 bonus offers

For only $37 

That’s $88 less than the finance class we took in 2009.  

Money fights and money problems tear apart relationships everyday. Life is never perfect, but it sure is lovely to never fight about money.

This sale ends in 21 hours, grab your bundle now and get on the path to your goals TODAY!

Give your future self the tools you need to overcome your money story, your debt, and reach your goals.

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The Thing I Miss Most

The Thing I Miss Most
It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that the thing I miss most on our RV adventure is a well known Montessori material.
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