Why I Love the Rain Drop Technique
I was a licensed massage therapist for 13 years. I hope my license in the lovely state of Wisconsin and I was board certified on the national level before I received my license.   I operated a very successful independent massage business for 13 years and the raindrop technique offered my clients long lasting pain relief as well as increased mobility range of motion and endurance.

Clients of course have different bodies, health histories, daily lifestyles so naturally they had different results from the raindrop technique.   One the whole, clients having the rain drop technique one a month  had the  managed their pain much better than they did receiving massage alone.

Varied Results
I wanna take some time to highlight a couple of different results the clients experience who are not dealing with chronic spinal pain.

One woman noticed a dramatic change in her ability to breathe deeply and fully within about 15 minutes of the session beginning. Our breath is so important to her physical experience, it is crucial as part of pain management oxygenation of the blood cells and of course the health of our respiratory system.

One woman noted that she felt very relaxed but wasn’t sure she would want a raindrop in the future. When I saw her two weeks later I noted that her pain levels which are typically in the 7 to 9 range or immeasurable for her. This means in the two weeks between her raindrop and massage she had not noted any significant pain in her typical areas of pain and tension.

One client was so energized after he had his raindrop technique, he looked like he was ready to go to a party and in fact the next day his wife told me he was so energized that she didn’t think getting them late at night was a good idea.

another client shared with me that she found it relaxing and thought it would be great to add in to her regular massage routines as part of her self-care. She noticed that she felt a lot less tension in her body, and she felt the effects were off after about two weeks. That’s when she noticed some of her chronic pain starting to return.

Rain Drop As Part of Pain Management
I’m going to share about two clients that incorporated the raindrop technique on a monthly or by monthly basis.

One client was a male in his early 60s. He was on disability due to injuries and chronic pain from decades of masonry work. At the time I began offering the raindrop technique we had been working together for five years and he was receiving weekly massage from me. Well he had multiple chronic health conditions including circulatory conditions, he was also on multiple pain medication. In massage I have been working to alleviate the tension primarily in his neck and back and occasionally pain due to lack of circulation in his arms.

he volunteered to try the raindrop technique as part of my training certification, and noticed a decrease in his pain followed by a decrease in his pain medication for approximately three weeks. His wife suggested that he have a raindrop every week because the change was so pronounced. He however preferred to have one raindrop every three weeks and have a regular massage the other weeks of the month. What he meant by this was that  He maintained low pain levels for three weeks after one raindrop technique.

Another client was a female in her 60s who had multiple spinal issues in her neck and her sacrum. Before I trained in the raindrop technique I have been working with her offering to monthly massages for seven years.   It’s fun to note that I had lost her as a massage client shortly after one of my maternity leave but she was interested in the raindrop technique so she began seeing me once a month for the raindrop and seeing her other massage therapist on the schedule they had established. In addition to a notable height difference from the beginning of her sessions to the end of her sessions,  generally between a quarter and 1 inch increase; she had reduced pain and increased mobility in her spine. After several months of receiving a raindrop from me she returned to my practice as a massage client and a raindrop client until they closed my practice.

Rain Drop At Home
As a mom of five children,  I found the raindrop technique to be a simple and affordable non-medical intervention with my children are battling viruses. For example when we were not tested in 2020, Based on symptoms I’m fairly sure we had it.  I use the vita flex technique at the beginning part of the raindrop technique on my children and I performed a modified version of the technique on their spine. For children the modification is to use significantly more massage oil and less essential oil. I also use the raindrop on my husband his symptoms were gone in three days, although his sense of smell took longer to return about two weeks. I was unable to do the raindrop technique on my own spine but I did use the oils on my feet using the vita flex technique multiple times a day. I was symptomatic for  less than five days.

So What Does This Mean For You?
RainDrop is a viable and affordable non-medical intervention that can reduce chronic pain, increased range of motion, increase endurance and activities of daily life. If you were sick and tired of your body being the reason you can’t do things that are important to you or things that you love please give the raindrop a try.

if you are a mom and are trying to gain more confidence and taking care of your children symptoms at home when medical intervention is not needed raindrop is the perfect starting point. To purchase a raindrop technique kit cost less than your insurance company or you pay for one doctors visit. Raindrop technique is an incredibly helpful boost to the immune system, and this is very important with viruses because there usually is very little physicians can do when a child has a virus. What if you could manage their discomfort better? What if you could offer them and “essential oil massage” with oils shown to decrease pathogenic back invitro?

What if instead of paying a licensed therapist $100 per session you could offer your partner or your family member a free raindrop technique when they’re in pain or ill?

What if less pain, fewer symptomatic days, a healthier spinal column, better respiratory function, fewer surgeries and less pain medication is available for you?

What would that be worth?

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