Lactation Support

Your breastfeeding goals and dreams are worth working through the challenges. Don't wait another minute to get the help you deserve.

My Mission
Every mom should have the resources, information and emotional support to make her breastfeeding goals.  Even the mamas the medical profession writes off and says "some women just can't breastfeed." I'm one of those women and my desire is to help women avoid "slipping through the cracks" in the postpartum phase. 

 I am a mom, a mentor, a doula and your new breast-(feeding) friend

I Can Help You
I can help you figure out how to protect your milk supply, while making sure baby is getting enough milk.

I can help you figure out the ROOT cause of your concerns.

I can help you determine which adjunctive therapies will be supportive (i.e. chiropractic care, body work, tie release, herbs, essential oils).

I can help you figure out if reflux or allergies are impacting baby's weight gain.

I can help you figure out if your fertility history is impacting your concerns.

I can help you advocate for lab tests or medications that may support your goals.

I can help you come out of the stress and emotions and find a path forward that works for you, baby and the whole family.

I struggled with breastfeeding my first baby and it has a STRONG negative impact on my mental health.  I was eventually diagnosed with IGT compounded by PCOS and insulin resistance.  I had an uphill battle with my breastfeeding goals, making a maximum of 2/3 of my baby's needs.  I blazed my own trail digging through lactation books, attending LLL, talking to CLCs and digging through blogs to figure out why all the advice wasn't working.

  • I breastfeed my first until she was 9 months, 
  • My son until he was 3.5 (tandem nursed with),  
  • My second daughter who nursed to 23 months, 
  • Our second son who nursed to 18 months and
  • My youngest is 3 and still nurses on occasion. 

I've provided peer breastfeeding support to dozens of mamas over the years, including several of my birth doula clients.  I've also presented education to birth professionals to recognize the difference between simple breastfeeding habits & hormonal or physiological concerns. 

 There is no need to let go of your breastfeeding goals

What I offer that makes me different.

Emotional & Mental Support. 

Yes, I can help you through this rough patch.

But what good is all that if you feel like a hot mess, traumatized or burnt out? 

I will not only help you with improve your milk supply, I'll guide you to process the stress, trauma and grief you've experienced so you can enjoy your baby and feel good about your experience.

I want you to FEEL so good as you walk through this, and define your success.