Does your soul have space to breathe?

Good Morning Love,

I see you, tired in your bed.  Grateful for another day, the comfort of bed and some of that weariness still hanging on to you.

You roll out of bed heading into the the day craving a little more space for your soul.  It's not long before the thoughts about the day's demands start circling through your mind.  

Before you know it one of those precious children has a need, of course you meet it.  

There's still a need inside of you though, and it waits.

The need waits while you tackle the responsibilities: the cleaning, the cooking, meal prep, the commute, the work day, dinner, mail, the yardwork, the running of the family calendar, bedtime routine.

Does your day leave room for your soul?

The truth is, it never will afford you the moments.

The space for your soul has to be carved out, purposefully.  The active choice to make something else wait.  

I remember the YEARS I tried to perfect the cleaning schedule, the decluttering, the ruthless minimalism, the perfect meal plan, chore chart, schedule to give my soul space.

It never worked, and I tried *so* hard.  I worked hard and of course it was all good work, purposeful and often passionate.

But Sweep & Smile, Make Over Your Mornings, Expensive Planners none of it worked to bring me an inner peace in the busy days.  

Those wise women told me, "this is a season" and they were right.  They told me to lower certain expectations, and they were right.  Only, I have FIVE back-to-back seasons of pregnancy, postpartum, infant care.

  • I couldn't wait 10 years to "get out of the season" to have peace.  To have sustainable systems, routines and expectations.  Waiting until everyone is out of  toddlerhood to feel peace and joy regularly is too long of a wait.

Having five kids and six pregnancies in 9 years will, in fact make you shift your expectations on some level.  It will compel you to let some things go.

It won't force you to relax mentally though, it won't fix your anxiety, it won't ease your depression.

That's all an active choice on your part, and it's really not easy to do it on your own.

This is literally why we have bodyworkers, therapists, support groups and coaches.  When we are constantly in our heads processing everything through on our own: we lack critical perspective another human can offer.

The trick is, gaining perspective from the right person.  Venting is a way many people cope and that makes can't bottle up stuff forever.

However, if you are speaking to someone who 
  • has a fixed mindset
  • has patriarchal beliefs about motherhood
  • believes your need or desire to work is ungodly
You're going to heap shame on top of your frustration.

Some of us were controlled by shame as children & youth so we often miss the ways in which it harms us. We might not even RECOGNIZE it as shame.

Mama, this is why I offer coaching.  Because coaching changed my life.  I knew all the systems and practices for "a better life" but I didn't realize how much my ways of thinking were keeping me stuck in the loops I disliked so much.

I want to invite you to consider the ways in which you feel stuck.  I want you to think about the things you've tried and how it left you feeling.  I want you to think about your precious children and if the way YOU feel right now, is how you want them to experience motherhood.  

Now, is it time for a change? 

If so, I can help you get unstuck and live an abundant and embodied lifestyle.  Guided by your values, enriched by your relationships and allowing your soul to come alive in all it's vibrance and live the purpose only you are here for. 

I'm here for you, the next step is to click the image to book your free planning and assessment session.  I'll help you get clear on your goals & a plan to get you there in just six months.  Ready? Let's go!

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Birth is a very special time in your life, but it's one day out of the entire childbearing year.  

You are meant to have a positive experience.  You can navigate all the challenges and concerns during pregnancy, birth and beyond with grace and ease.  

I support you with personalized coaching, pregnancy health, childbirth education, breastfeeding/formula feeding preparation as well as preparing for postpartum and even returning to work!  

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