Deconstructing Abundance Day 2

The Love of Money is the Root of All Kinds of Evil

This passage from Scripture has been one of the things that held me back from desiring and really reaching for more income.  In fact, in 2016 I *finally* bougt a Starter Bundle of essential oils that I was longing for for YEARS and I was triggered when I saw that their motto was ”wellness, purpose, abundance”
Desert Mist Diffuser, Young Living Essential Oils, Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, Vitality Oils,

I truly saw the idea of financial abundance as  a path towards evil.  As if only certain people could handle large amouts of money without turning evil.  I figured I wasn’t one of those people.

You can check out how I have been able to love money as much as I love chicken parmigiana, tiramisu, massages, horses, travel and swimming.  Click the image to catch the view on Instagram.

The truth is, loving money (like you do your favorite color, food and place on earth is VERY VERY different than a harmful obsession and lust for money.  You can actually tell pretty easy when you’ve moved from a love that feels like fun, gratitude, humility, peace, joy….to an obsession or lust that feels like scarcity, fear, lack, obsession.

Your actions become different too, when you love money in a way that’s healthy and positive you see ways money can help people and causes.  When you lust for money in a way that’s harmful you look for ways to hoard your money, keep it out of other people’s hand and ways you can cut corners even if it is hurtful to others.

The fear of loving money is part of what holds so many female entrepreneurs back from earning what they‘re work is worth, from being able to invest in their future, support their families well and access peace of mind.  

Fear that we aren’t worthy of it, fear that we’ll be corrupted by it.  These are big concerns and it can be debilitating to move from fear to love.  From scarcity to abundance, from hopelessness to hopeful.

This is EXACTLY why Martina, Tanya and Ihave created the Bad Ass Money Masterind, BAMM for short.  BAMM will show you exactly how to shift your mindset about money, handle your triggers surrounding money, release old money stories and realign your energy to welcome more financial abundance.

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