Homeschooling with Anxiety or Depression

Is homeschooling only for those who aren’t always worrying about things, or moms who get out of bed easily each day? No, absolutely not.  So how do you do it and stay well yourself?


How to Get it All Done without Burning Out

I used to always feel stretched to thin.
As an idealist and somewhat creative person, I was bubbling with idea, inspiration that I didn’t know how to implement without burnout.  It seemed like every message was HUSTLE and it just didn’t resonate with my values.
I was so frustrated, as in daily episodes of crying due to frustration,  A fork fell on the floor could set me off  to cry and send me on a cycle of shame for not being a better mom, entrepreneur, wife, adult.
I didn’t know how to be myself and succeed in life while honoring my values.

Then things started coming together for me, ome teaching set the stage for that.  I learned how to be a deeply feeling, introverted, profitable entrepreneur and present mom.  This big lesson I learned from Christy Collins.

I already knew my values, I already knew how to plan.  If you need help with that, you should go grab my signature course Cultivate Clarity.  
I didn’t know how to have ebbs and flows of activity and rest.  I didn’t know that my menstrual cycle could be the key to unlocking my success as an entrepreneur.  

I also didn’t know that I had a bunch of beliefs and a poor mindset that kept holding me back.  I developed a set of habits to shift me out of that.

But if you constantly feel like your responsibilities are always ill-timed, consider using your menstrual cycle as the key.  

I took a DEEP dive on this topic in Om in the Home Revolution,  I teach you how to align your “get it done” energy with your body’s natural rhythms.  

How to amplify your relationships, improve your rest time and enhance your entire life.  It’s as easy as timing things well, but it takes practice and intention.  Let me show you how your menses, your ovulation and your luteal phase are GIFTS.

Let me take you from the  fatigue and striving to  a beautiful cycle of rest, activity, reflection and GETTING THINGS DONE without that awful, exhausting hustle. 

Join Om in the Home Revolution, where I am one of the guest coaches and get access to my Deconstructing Mensuration Workshop.  I love partnering with PureJoy Parent Coach Tanya Milano to support moms experiencing burnout.  Om in the Home Tier 2 is going to take you from burnout to OM, and it’s not a “one and done” thing where you get a taste of transformation and just when things start getting good, it’s over.  This is a one year long program to hold you in every season.  

This is a powerful coaching container that offers you individual support, workshops & workbooks to keep you on track and bonus coaching calls and workshops smart women just like you.

Imagine what it feels like to get things done and have energy for your relationships and hobbies.
Visualize the power of supporting your child in their needs while honoring yours.
Envision working with me and learning how to manage your time, meet your goals and pursue your desired lifestyle. 

Birth is a very special time in your life, but it's one day out of the entire childbearing year.  

You are meant to have a positive experience.  You can navigate all the challenges and concerns during pregnancy, birth and beyond with grace and ease.  

I support you with personalized coaching, pregnancy health, childbirth education, breastfeeding/formula feeding preparation as well as preparing for postpartum and even returning to work!  

Learn more about Sage Motherhood Mentorship and book your free call with me today! 
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