The Sage Motherhood Podcast
with Stefanie Melo
Welcome to the Sage Motherhood Podcast a show for moms, and moms-t0-be who want so much more than the status quo for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  If you're ready to embrace the profound transformation available to you during this sacred time, this is the show for you.  

Join me, Stefanie Melo a holistic mentor, newborn care specialist and homebirth mom of five. I passionately guide mothers to embody their autonomy to create a joyful and abundant motherhood experience.  Join me each week for holistic tips and sage wisdom to:

  • Navigate the discomforts of pregnancy
  • Prepare for a birth you love,
  • Plan for a peaceful postpartum,
  • Practice the mindset tools for the strongest of contractions and the hardest of days,
  • Bond with your baby,
  • Tend to your postpartum body wiht love and ocmpassion,
  • Respond to the challenges of motherhood within your values.
I am thrilled to partner with you on this journey, because mama; a positive parenting experience awaits you, and it starts now. 
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