I am a child of the 80s. 

I lived off of canned food, boxed foods,  microwaved  food essentially my diet was 90% pasta with a big glass of “juice” to wash it down.

Back then, the public did not have access to what the government already knew. That those canned foods were lined with BPA, they knew that BPA was a documented endocrine disruptor.  

As obesity was on the rise in the US, diabetes crept  up as well. The marketing response was to reduce fat in the diet and in packaged foods.  Fat was villianized. package foods continue to lose low quality fats, and to compensate for the awful flavor sugar was added to most things.

My Health & Body Image were poor

I always knew I was bigger, and that bigger was not beautiful. Family members told me kids at school told me, kids at church told me, the shows I watch informed me and I internalize that message. Being fat made me unworthy. 

From the time I was 10 until I was 28,  I dieted, exercised and worried about my weight.  I was afraid of getting diabetes like so many in my family so I joined weight watchers and started running. The weight came off quickly and fairly easily. However,  I only ran until the 10 K in May in 2007 and 2008.   so did other forms of exercise but I actually never enjoyed running.  
Yes I am a Dork and am Showing You My Picture with Candace Cameron (after losing 20 pounds)

Despite losing 32 pounds, and finally feeling accepted by the people I loved or at least the people I wanted to be accepted by, My hormones were still a mess.
At my thinnest with my friend, who is now my Sister-in-law

At a size 6, my cycles were still irregular and uncomfortable.  I still held weight in my belly.  I still felt tired.

Not  long later I was married and expecting my first miracle baby. I see a miracle because of my menstrual cycle irregularity.  I had an easy pregnancy aside from the sickness. I had a straightforward 20 hour number.

Then, everything changed.

On her second day of life my sweet baby was diagnosed with failure to thrive. I was breast-feeding around the clock recommended and she had lost 12% of her bodyweight. I began an exhausting nurse, bogle-feed, pump for 20 minutes routine.  this one hour routine occurred 8 to 12 times a day.   I did everything the lactation consultant doctors and midwives told me to do. I even bought my first essential oil.  

No one had answers for me. I didn’t know I was suffering from anxiety but I knew that I didn’t feel good about myself again.

Then one paragraph in La Leche League’s  book, “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” Introduced me to the phrase insufficient glandular tissue. I had never heard of this, but I wondered if that may be the cause of my problems.
In 2012 they were less than 25 references to this phrase on the Internet but I dug into all of them. I found other women who had stories that mirrored my heartbreak and frustration. I joined a Facebook group created by some of these women and it was there I discovered the way of eating only improved my milk supply, my mood, My hormones and allowed me to lose weight. Wait that I kept off (at least in between pregnancies).

As a dove into this information was not only improve in my own health, I’m changing the health of my family tree for generations to come. My children are much healthier than I was as a child and as my sacred mission. to guide them on a path that leads them towards health, a mentally healthy approach to food, and empower them to listen to their bodies and apply wisdom to those messages.

If you desire to create lasting healthy habits and your children, body positivity and emotional well-being there so many tools available to you.  rigid elimination diet’s aren’t the end game so whether you’re Paleo vegan grain free or familiar face at Chick-fil-A do you have the power to make the next generation healthier right now it’s not too late.

My family utilizes a course by Katie Campbell called kids cook real food. On Thursday she’s offering a webinar, totally free at 11 AM Eastern and 4 PM Eastern.They may be offering the recording at a later date but if you attend live they’re giving out bonuses for those who participate in real time.
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