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Tomorrow, last week rather, we are were, supposed to launch into our new RV lifestyle.

Simply Not Ready

However, we have not.  I’ve worked full, time until three eleven days ago. Realistically, I can’t do much above and beyond daily life.  I really give so much admiration to my self four years ago for moving the day after I closed my practice and doing it all in one day.  

All the toys loaded up for the trailer

Since my last day of massage work, we have gone through the house. My mom has watched the kids, we have said “till next time” to aunts, uncles, tios y tias.”

Adios to Tia Dermira

It has been a whirlwind.  We are not ready.  That is okay.

Mental Health is Vital

I have learned that my mental well being is paramount, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.  Honestly, that goes for all of us. We could push ourselves super hard, skip sleep and get it done.

That doesn’t align with my highest values.  I learned long ago, 20 years actually, about aligning daily tasks with highest values.  We value sleep, eating meals together, and enjoying life.  

The process really has been fun and easy, because I choose to see it that way.  Though, it has been slower than I anticipated.

This is how I glow when I choose people over productivity

There Are Some Perks

We have some things to iron out, more items to sell and donate. A very long anticipated museum visit to say farewell to our fine city.

Two kids got a bonus sleepover at Nana’s and two kids are asleep.  Tonight we will finish up a few tasks, diffuse some oils that support transitions and good sleep.  Wake up and do a little more. Repeat.

We got this, and it’s okay that we are on a different timeline.  

Rieman Aquarium at Discovery World Museum in Milwaukee, WI

Just one more detail....We found out we need a new tow vehicle!  Make sure you pop over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe to see that update when it drops!

What’s that saying about a plan ”going off without a hitch” ??

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