Anyone finding winter a hard time to stay motivated or curate great science lessons for your kids?

I’m so excited to share with you an online workshop from a colleague and friend of mine, Jackie Grundberg of Backpack Sciences. 

She’s helping us start 2021 off on the right foot with our science curriculum!

 I’m ALWAYS open to improving and jumpstarting my science lessons.  Especially since I am not wildlife biologist like 

She’s offering a 3-day workshop, “Reignite Your Science Curriculum” starting January 21st.

You’ll receive one of her most popular lessons (it’s been downloaded by over 1,200 people) “Did you know...I was a host to a parasitic organism?” 

My kids were FASCINATED by that one.  Zoe even made a comic about it.

Gross? Sure. But don’t we all know that gross equals cool when it comes to kids! 

That’s how Jackie hooks them in. She loves to incorporate hands-on, inquiry-based learning to engage children and make science experiential.

In this workshop, you’ll receive: 

  • A click-and-go video lesson with and a transcript.   Which is great if you like to give the lesson yourself, or if you are preparing school projects with a sleeping child nearby—sssh.

  • Several follow-up, hands-on activities focusing on the child’s interest

  • Walking through her special framework so you know exactly how to implement a standard lesson plan to make it entirely your own based on your teaching experience, knowledge, confidence and learning environment

  • A private Facebook group where you can support, ask questions and communicate with others in the challenge.

The creator, Jackie Grundberg, has over 20 years experience in the education field. She’s a credentialed Montessori educator for grades 1-6, state certified to teach middle school level and high school biology. She’s a former wildlife biologist and a current Montessori teacher educator guiding adults earning their Montessori credentials. She’s also a mom to elementary children, so she understands how busy we all are!

Definitely check this out! It’s only $5!

January 21 is sneaking up on us so sign up today.

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