I’m so excited that my first DATED planners are ready for publication.  I learned from Meggan Larson how to self-publish journals on Amazon in her course and I’m so grateful for it.

As you probably already know, I have journals available on Amazon, with three ones available for fall!  Check those out here.

I’ve been a planner nerd since high school, loving buying a new school planner and using it to stay on top of my school work, part time job & social/church schedule.

In 2000, I landed the sweetest job I could have imagined.  I was hired as a productivity consultant in a retail store for the world’s leading time management company.  I absolutely loved this position, I had such wonderful customers and I learned all about aligning my productivity with my values.Time management, clock, desk, planning

I can’t emphasize strongly enough, how important it is that the way you plan your days, months and goals MUST be aligned with the person you are and the person you wish to become.

Too often we swing towards time management being about doing things faster, more intense.  It’s about proving our worth to someone or something outside of us.  Sometimes it is about proving to ourselves that we’re awesome and measure up.

I want to tell you, it is none of that.  

Time management, planning and goals serve the purpose of aligning your time and tasks with your values, goals, dreams, desires, mission, purpose, relationships.

Let me say that again with a new emphasis.  Time management, planning and goals serve the purpose of aligning your time and tasks with your values, goals, dreams, desires, mission, purpose and relationships.

If you are using a planner to fulfill a purpose and values system you are called to, it will feel SO different, than if you fill your days with obligations and responsibilities that are in contrast with your unique values & desires.

This is why I’ve created a suite of planning products to help you move forward into the life of your dreams.  Your dreams don’t have to be to have the perfect blow out and drive the sweetest mom van on earth.  Your dream life should include your hobbies, time with your favorite people and spending your hours in work, activity that lights you up and makes you feel more YOU.

The Cultivate Clarity Fall Planners are one of those products.  

Here’s a short video showing you the contents of the planner.

The Cultivate Clarity Planner offers you a thorough, but not bulky approach to planning.  It’s not as hefty as a wire or coil-bound 5 pound planner.  Trust me, those big planners get heavy and prevent you from utilizing the planner because you can’t take it anywhere without craving a massage afterwards.

It offers 12 months of future planning, so you can jot down that wedding in June and your family vacation in March.  

It offers a dated monthly spread, that allows you space to see your month-at-a-glance. It offers monthly task list for business and personal to keep your bigger tasks front of mind.  The daily page is my favorite: you have space for your priorities, contacts for people you want to reach out to that day.  You get to track your habits for hydration, movement, sleep, nutrition, mindset and supplements. It also has room for task list and notes.  

When you purchase the Cultivate Clarity Planner on Amazon, you get a fast turn around time (3-4 days with Prime), a thorough day planner, without all the bulk and it introduces you to the foundations of my Life Management course: Cultivate Clarity.

Between the Planner & the Course you’ll be guided towards exactly how to define your roles and your values then to refine your goals and learn how to accomplish them.  It’s a powerful  way to move deeper into your dream life and become the woman you want to be.

Your life is more than a set of tasks you do, let me help you Cultivate Clarity in your life. There are five different covers, the insides are all identical.  Click on the images to buy on Amazon.

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