The Thing I Miss Most
Going into Day 18 of our adventure, I find myself missing something.  Something I miss much more than I imagined.

What Is It?

Certainly, I’ve missed a few things already, especially because of being displaced in a hotel.  I miss our trailer, the security of our own home.  I have missed our old home too.  Despite being in Minnesota, I’ve missed having a Target nearby, and I miss Outpost.

Thing thing I miss most is part of our educational philosophy, something that has become a true hobby for me.  Montessori Three Part Cards.

What Are Three Part Cards?

A Three Part Card is a set of 3 cards (cardstock usually, but sometimes paper or laminated paper).  The three parts are: The image with the label, the label and the image.

What is the Ojective?

The goal of 3 Part Cards to enhance a child’s vocabulary.  It’s a wonderful resource in the home or classroom because it brings into the child’s space objects not easily accessible.  For example, you may have a keyboard in your home, or a piano.  However, your probably don’t have access to most instruments in the orchestra.  

How is this done?

Simple matching, the child lays out the picture card with label and then matches the picture card, then the word card.

Kids enjoy extensions too, such and flipping them upside down and making it a memory game.  Another task my children enjoy is sorting the cards by color.

Berry Cards & Flower Cards from Hands on Kids Activites Club

There Are Elementary 3 Part Cards Too

Elementary cards consist of a picture card, word label and a definition.  For the primary (3-6) student it’s aligned with their absorbent mind: taking in the information from the environment.  For the elementary child (6-12) it’s aligned with their reasoning mind: understanding how, why, etc. 
Elementary Cards from Backpack Sciences

Where Can I Get 3 Part Cards?

 I am glad you asked!  I have used dozens of resources from Montessori blogs and I recently discovered Little Spark Company.  Amanda is the genius behind this company and has a wonderful FREE printable library you can get access to right now.

So while I long for my printer and laminator and wait patiently to be reunited so I can print these orchestra cards: you can already get started today.


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