Today I feel 


I feel 

I feel angry that I’m seeing posts that say Jesus is the answer, as if that’s the only solution.

I feel hopeless because it doesn’t seem that there’s going to be positive change in this area of society.

I feel confused because I do believe prayer makes a difference.

I feel exhausted for having to process two mass murders emotionally spiritually physically and philosophically.

I feel hopeful, because I see the outcry and outrage of people around the globe, even people of similar faith.

I feel bold because I just don’t care of someone thinks I am a socialist, heretic, pacifist, hippy, a snowflake or woke.

I feel afraid because life is uncertain and even if I homeschool there is no guarantee that my kids are safe.

I feel disillusioned that somehow wanting common sense restrictions on gun access are conflated with me not being a patriotic American.

I feel indignant that for so many people that means I don’t love God or understand freedom.

I feel discouraged that Christians around the globe have WILDLY different views and laws on guns than what I learned in Christian high school.

We have Problems

We have more than a sin problem.

We have more than a mental health problem.

We have more than a gun problem.

We have more than police problems.

More than educational problems.


I actually do believe Jesus is the answer. 

I actually appreciate our democratic process, but don’t think it’s perfect at justice.

I actually hold a lot of uniquely American views straight from my culture.

I also don’t think it’s acceptable for Christians to hold cultural views in contradiction to the heart of Jesus and his example.

So What Do We Do?

My heart is heavy and my mind is full.

I bet yours is too.

So I want to offer some supportive self care ideas.   I don’t feel qualified to speak on mental health or legislation - though I do have opinions.

  • Notice your emotions, plural.  You probably have a lot of them.
  • Check in with your thoughts, our thoughts fuel our emotions but our thoughts are not always true.
  • Give your body release: drink more water, go to bed earlier, move your body—you will feel physical discomfort that’s a proper physiological response— but you don’t have to stay in pain.  Moving your body helps your emotional, mental and spiritual state.
  • Check in with others and be a listening ear.
  • Sign up for a therapy session.
  • Get out on sunshine.
  • Do something that refuels you.  Ideas: reading, knitting, baking, art, play a video game, watch a movie that elevates your mood.
  • Decide you will take action from a place of love, but wait if you are still in fear
  • If you are a parent, let your kids see you do these things and offer it to them as you explain what happened and support them.
I’d love for you to pop over to my Instagram or facebook stories and share what you are feeling.  It’s cathartic to get it out sometimes.

I value your voice

Remember, we don’t have to have all the answers and solutions.  

Know that even when we don’t know the answers, it’s still worth pursuing.

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