Montessori is so rarely spoken about as an option for homeschoolers.  This is a great tragedy in my mind, because it’s such a viable option and I think it aligns with the values of so many homeschooling parents.
Now, if you are like me, you are jumping in online communities.  You are going to hop on Pinterest and pin a dozen ideas.  You are going to run to the store or click to the websites and order what you need....and you are going to DO THE THING.  It’s fun, engaging, exciting!  This is it, it feels so good.

At some point, you become confused by all the options and aren’t sure where to turn.

This is because search engines are almost never going to point you in the right direction.  So what will point you in the right direction?

It’s me.  Hey, I’m Stefanie and I’ve done that cycle a few dozen times.  I’ve gotten off the spinning wheel and I know how to stay off it and move in the direction you actually want.

Preparing yourself is actually what you need to begin with.  This can look different for each person and that’s part of why this advice can seem arbitrary and confusing.

Preparing yourself might mean you need to deep dive into Montessori Theory, you need to grasp the concepts that make the method a method.  The materials are wonderful,  but if you don’t know their’s a waste.

It might mean you need to deep dive into unraveling some of the ways you were parented or taught how to be with children.

It might mean you need to make changes in your lifestyle to parent as a Montessorian.

I had to do them all.  I began parenting myself, and changing the way I viewed and interacted with my children.  I had to read more books, blogs and I even took some trainings on the method.

Materials won’t teach you things.  Albums won’t guide you on this.  Printables wont do this.  Subscriptions won’t either.

Unless of course, it’s actually designed to prepare you as the Montessori guide.  

That is available to you and it’s oh-so-affordable.  A monthly subscription with access to the primary and elementary lessons, discounts and links to resources to serve you and coaching to help you be the guide your child needs.

If you need help to be the prepared adult then don’t delay your success.  The Relaxed Montessori Homeschooler is where you need to be.
Stefanie Melo, Holistic Life and Faith Coach
I’m Stefanie and I am here for you, mama. 

I had expectations of feeling purpose and fulfillment in motherhood. Instead, I experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, isolation and a crisis of faith. 
Feeling like I couldn't be the mom I wanted to be to my five children, I began a journey of deconstructing and challenging everything I thought I believed. It was scary and messy. It felt like heresy! It also led to a deeper faith in Jesus, more peace, and a wholeness I didn't know was possible. 

Today, I am based in Arizona where I Montessori homeschool my 5 children ages 2-10 with my husband, Hernando. I am alligned with my calling as a feminist Jesus lover and a holistic coach to help mamas who are at any point in their evolving journey of faith to reclaim a little more sparkle! 
I coach women to understand and integrate their beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to create a life that offers more clarity, more peace, more joy — a life that is simply better.
I offer a unique approach to life coaching, bringing a wealth of professional expertise including: productivity, planning, massage therapy, infant bonding, fertility enhancement, birth work, postpartum support, breastfeeding support, youth and children’s ministry and Montessori education training.
If you are looking for support that acknowledges your mind, body, spirit and human need for community, I am the coach for you!

Looking for resources for Montessori  Homeschooling, Fertility, Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding and Holistic Wellness?  Join my wellness community and get free access to all of that including group coaching calls. Learn how by messaging me 


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