Summer time, summer break can often lead to parents and caregivers hearing, “I’m Bored” from the children.

 My own children have told me their summer break plans include the following
Video Games
Watching Shows 

Have you experienced the side effects of too much screen time?  

Do you feel intimidated to introduce FUN science to your children?

What if you could easily share scientific concepts, while providing your kids with lifelong skills? 

How fun would it be to have a video available at your fingertips to teach these concepts?  What if you had a list of all the supplies you needed to help them perform a scientific activity or experiment?  What if you could have a list to download of different activities to integrate the scientific information?  What if your child could make you some bubble tea?

Friend it’s possible and it’s affordable.  Jackie Grundburg of Backpack Sciences is a biologist, trained montessori guide and mom.  She has created another great summer of scientific fun with The Science of Cooking.  

The Science of Cooking provides 8 topics that roll out weekly once you sign up.

Each topic includes
1) Video where Jackie teaches the concepts in an engaging way
2) A PDF with activity instructions and
3) Additional Follow Ups so you child can pursue their interests.

Grab this for one great price and enjoy 8 weeks of fun.

Want a little more?  Last year’s series is available for our purchase too! 

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