Hirsuitsm, how do you pronounce that?  Her-soo-tism.

Hirsuitism in women is caused by hormonal imbalances, resulting in thicker or darker hair growth in places hair does not normally grown for women such as upper lip, jawline, chin, neck, chest, abdomen and low back.

Many women manage other symptoms of PCOS a multitude of ways, but many still struggle with this hair growth.  Sadly, this leads many women to feel ashamed, embarassed or ever feel they aren’t “feminine.”

Typically managed by hair removal, or medication with other undesirable effects hirsutismnis a daily problem for many with PCOS.

No real solutions are offered  as to how to stop the unwanted growth, despite research showing it can be managed at home.  

Let’s talk about hair removal for a moment.

Laser hair removal is not a good fit for everyone, it’s most beneficial for individuals with fair skin and dark hair. Laser is also often expensive. 

Electrolysis is another painful and pricey hair removal technique that requires zapping each follicle with electricity.

Waxing is another method of hair removal however this requires that you allow the hair to grow up to a certain length before having it removed which can be very embarrassing. 

Bleaching is another hair removal or hair disguise technique. 

Finally shaving. This is is the one that is most accessible as it does not require very much money or time. However when shaving you end up with a thicker appearance of hair because the fine end of the hair has just been cut off by the razor.  Many times you end up with embarrassing bumps or rashes or even potentially cuts.

I am here for the woman who isn’t a good candidate for medication, or wants to be off it.  I am here for the woman who is not going for laser, electrolysis or waxing appointments. I am here for the lady who doesn’t want to bleach her hair.  You with the razor longing for a solution.  I’m here for you.

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