How to Lose Weight without Hating Yourself

Self Love Wins

I started dieting at age 10.  The thought of my children viewing their bodies the way I have over the years breaks my heart.

It fires me up too.

No more of that BS, no more self-hatred, no more self-sabotage, no more diets and exercise that are not sustainable.

No more setting an example I don’t want to see repeated in future generations.

I’ve drawn the line.

I’ve started a new chapter, are you ready for yours?

Change & Body Positivity

How do you lose weight without viewing the body as flawed, unworthy, unloveable?

1. You recognize that those flawed beliefs are the reason you haven’t been successful in the past.

You recognize that believing marketing based on making your body worthy of a bikini, swimming, attracting a partner is the reason you’ve failed before at weight loss and healthier habits.

2. Recognize that your brain, your body believes what you tell it.  

So stop telling yourself you aren’t loveable. Stop saying your are ugly. Stop saying you are fat.  Those words set up beliefs, which create habits, which set you up for self-defeat.

If you want lasting body changes, you have to start with your view of yourself.

3. Find a resource that starts with your mindset.  

There are so many resources available to you, but if you want a one stop shop on changing your self view, I’ve got you covered

I am showing you how in just six weeks I have completely shifted my self view, my physical stamina, my sleep, energy and nutrition.  It is free.  You can do this without weird shakes, starvation, grueling exercise and pushing yourself to extremes.

What would it look like if in 63 days you were confident, strong, healthy and just plain happy?

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