Hi, I'm Stefanie
Holistic Mentor for Moms & Moms-to-Be

I'm the mentor for you if....

  • You are just not sold on the status quo for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • You are seeking a natural birth in the hospital, a homebirth or a VBAC. 
  • You are sick of seeing your female body as a weakness, you know it's inherently good.
  • You just aren't comfortable with the narrative that your emotions are an obstacle to your well-being.
  • You know that your intuition is trustworthy and valuable.
  • You're ready to take the time and effort to pursue the experience you desire.
  • You believe that there is more to health and well-being than western medicine. 
I’m Stefanie and I am here for you, mama. 

I had expectations of feeling purpose and fulfillment in motherhood. Since I was 15 years old, my deepest desire was to be a mother.  I even chose my career field so that I could be a self-employed, present mama and not have to do the whole "9 to 5" thing.

I've always been a working mom and I'm incredibly proud of my ability to hold success in business and conscious motherhood.
I began my self-employment journey on the leeward beaches of O'ahu in 2007.  When I returned to the mainland, I began a massage therapy program and opened my first business, Lagom Therapeutic Massage in 2008.  For 12 years I offered therapeutic massage in a clinic with acupuncturists, thai bodyworkers, chiropractors, massage therapists and yoga instructors.  This space enhanced my understanding to Traditional Chinese Medicine and other eastern modalities balancing out my very western-heavy massage training program.  In 2011, when I became a mother, I had no idea I was experiencing trauma and postpartum anxiety.  Though I was so in love with my husband and my baby: I always felt constant fear or worry.

I've navigated one of the most difficult challenges to breastfeeding and have nursed five babies for 136 months and counting.  My experience has allowed me to support dozens of mamas and educate birthworkers on supporting mamas in unconventional situations.

Because I had such a beautiful homebirth experience, I had a deep desire to see other women have an empowering experience like I did, in 2012 I trained as a birth doula and began attending births when my daughter was 11 months old.  Since then, I've worked four years in SE Wisconsin's first out-of-hospital birth center and attended over 25 births, while going on to have four more amazing homebirths  of my own.

With over a decade of birthwork experience, I've noted that many moms experience disappointment in their birth that could have been prevented, and far too many mothers struggle postpartum with breastfeeding, exhaustion or mood disorders. 

I've overcome postpartum anxiety and depression and recovered from trauma around the time of birth.  I'm uniquely equipped to help you avoid common pitfalls and intervene swiftly, within your values, to support your holistic well-being. 

My goal in service to my clients is to bring compassionate, evidence-based, holistic education and support.  There is no good reason for a mom or new parents to struggle alone.  It's long past time for practices that disembody mothers from their experience and disregard the emotional and physical needs of babies for the convenience of adults. 

Free Resources

You want support and I can help!

Cultivate a Birth Mindset That Delivers

Natural Birth Support with
The Road Not Taken

Breastfeeding Troubleshooting Guide

Education, Certifications & Training

Bachelor of Arts, North Central University. 2004

Massage Therapy Certificate, Lakeside School of Massage Therapy, 2008

NCBTMB Certified Massage Therapist, 2009

Wisconsin Liscensed Massage Therapist, 2009-2021

Certified Birth Doula, Mothering the Mother, 2013

Fertility, Birth, Bereavement and Postpartum Doula, Birthworker Academy, 2023 * 

Newborn Care Specialist, Summer's Sleep Secrets 2023 * 

* I am still in the process of completing certifying hours and work.

Infant Massage and Early Bonding Specialist, Tammy Roecker Seminars, 2012, 25 CEU

Fertility Massage Enhancement Specialist, Claire Marie Miller, 2014, 25 CEU

Applied Vitaflex, Chemistry of Essential Oils, Rain Drop Technique, Emotional Release, 25 CEU, C.A.R.E, 2016

Level 1 Usui Reiki,  Lori 2023

Whether you are looking for support with:
balancing hormones naturally,
trying to conceive, 
prenatal education and birth education,
lactation support
or newborn care; 

I want you to know that you matter mama.  Not just because happy mamas make happy babies, not just because you have generational impact and influence, but because YOU mama matter.  Your health and happiness are important just because you are you.
Ways to Work With Me
Sage Motherhood Mentorship

Newborn Care Specialist

Lactation & Breastfeeding Support

Fertility & Hormone Mentorship