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Why Hire a Newborn Care Specialist?

Newborn Care Specialists (also called a baby nurse/or night nurse) are trained professionals with knowledge in all aspects of infant care. 

As a newborn care specialist, I've been specifically trained in newborn care, lactation support, formula preparation, infant feeding and safe sleep.  I am able to support your goals for the newborn phase.

I am also trained in maternal postpartum care and recognizing signs of anxiety and depression, so that parents who experience this can get help sooner.

As a NCS, I make it possible for your baby to receive the best and safest care, while you are able to rest and recover making for a happier postpartum experience.

My unique experience and training offer you reassurance that this is the right path for your family's emotional and physical well-being. 

Finding an NCS that resonates with you and your family is essential. My unique experiences and training are holistic and supportive of your family's emotional and physical well-being. 

Together, we get clear on the goals you have for the newborn phase so you can feel most supported.  

What's Included in Newborn Care

  • The option for you to sleep 8 hours a night
  • Breastfeeding Support: nursing & pumping best practices.
  • Nursing Techniques & pumping practices
  • Postpartum parent support
  • Newborn Cues
  • Infant Soothing
  • Swaddling
  • Sleep shaping 
  • Custom logbook
  • Cleaning bottles and/ or pump parts
  • Preparing bottles for the next day
  • Bathing baby 
  • Nursery set up and re-stocking
  • Washing baby laundry
  • Initiating a healthy daytime schedule and sleep routine
  • Introducing & educating on the importance for playtime.
  • Referrals for NCS support when you travel.

NCS Services At-A-Glance

  • Available for 4-16 weeks of care.
  • Offering 2-5 nights a week, option for 7 nights a week.
  • Newborn Care provided from 10 p.m. - 7 a.m.
  • Feeding Support.
  • Basic Nursery Care.
  • Newborn Care Resource Vault.
  • Referrals available for additional care.

How I Support You

My work allows you to focus on what matters most right now: bonding, rest and recovery.

  • Bonding: I help you facilitate early bonding & attachment.
  • Rest: I allow you to get up to 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Recovery: Because you're able to sleep through, or only wake for feeding/pumping the, you're able to recover better.

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Single Baby


Hi there, I'm Stefanie.

I bring 30 years of newborn care, 11 years of motherhood and dozens of certifications that assure you that your precious one(s) are receiving the highest level of care

I've been a "baby person" since childhood.  I couldn't wait to be old enough to get my Safe Sitter Certification. I got lucky enough to have a "baby fix" early on when I became an aunt at age 10.  I've always believed that babies are the best type of humans.  

I became a mother in my early 30s and have five children at home ages 3-11.  While we are no longer having babies, I love serving growing families as a perinatal coach, birth doula and newborn care specialist. 

My background as a licensed massage therapist brings you an even more unique level of care as I have a deep understanding of the nervous, muscular, skeletal, respiratory and digestive systems.  I also have advanced training in infant massage and early bonding. 

My training and experience as a birth doula and postpartum care reassures you that maternal and parent well being is a passion of mine.  Your experience matters and I'd love to be part of your family transition. Improving everyone's sleep laying ground for family bonding and healthy family dynamics.

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