Sage Motherhood Mentorship
You know what you want, and it's not the status quo.
The comprehensive program helping expectant
families prepare for a natural birth and VBAC while focusing on holistic family care: mind, body and spirit. 
Sage Motherhood Mentorship goes beyond supporting your family to have a positive physiological birth experience;  and guides you to enjoy a safe healthy pregnancy, avoid circumstances that commonly derail natural birth and while preparing to have a postpartum that's actually enjoyable.

You're So Excited

You are thrilled to meet your baby
but you’re kinda nervous of that whole birth thing. 

You love the idea of a natural birth or VBAC,
 but you’re  not sure how to make it happen.

You’ve binged the podcasts and documentaries,
but feel a little lost in your decisions.

You have a vision for your birth
but aren't clear on the path that takes you there.

You love hitting pregnancy milestones,
and are sometimes worried by your symptoms.

You know what you want from your experience,
but don't know what you don't know.

You want so much more
than the standard of maternity care.  

You know there are resources available,
but you also don't have time to do it all yourself.

And You're A Little Nervous

Many women worry about every choice they make during pregnancy.  

Should I eat that?  Can I still have sex?  Can I use this oil?  Will I pass this on to baby?

Is that blood? How long has it been since I felt a kick? This heartburn HURTS! 

Everything says “consult your doctor” but who has time to call the doctor 14x a day?  

How do you move from uncertainty, worry and feeling disempowered to confidence, strength & power?

You Know What You Want

You want the resources that calm your nervous system.  

You want the information that empowers you.  

You want the mindset tools that get you to your natural birth / VBAC.  

You know birth is way more than just what's happening in your uterus.

You want the emotional and social support to go after your desired outcomes with confidence.

You want the practical wisdom to help you transition from woman to mom, partners to parents and a growing family.

You want to be the most empowered person on. your journey, instead of deferring to experts.

But how do you get that? 

I Can Help You

You are the one and only gatekeeper of your mind and body.

You are the one to carry the baby.

You are the one who births that baby.

You are the one that feeds the baby.

You are the one who decides all of these things.  

Do it from a place of confidence, trust, strength.

Yet who is supporting you in making all these decisions?  

Your care provider is there to support your physical health, your baby's physical health.

Who can guide you on natural remedies?  

Who can support you when the anxiety builds?

Who can help prepare your mind for the work of birth and mothering?

Who can support you through nausea, heartburn, achy hips, birth and breastfeeding?

I can help you with all of that.

Let your care provider do their work.

Let your partner support you the way you desire.  

I'm here to help you with the rest.

Pregnancy Education

  • Improve Your Baby's Health Through Lifestyle Shifts
  • Pregnancy Nutrition to avoid "risking out" of home birth or VBAC
  • Evidence Based Aromatherapy for Pregnancy & Birth - so you can confidently and simply use essential oils for common symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, low-back aches, headaches, etc. without needing to use unsafe over-the-counter products.  Aromatherapy in labor can support you with nausea, fatigue, positioning, energy and labor progress, and I can show you how to do this safely.
  • Natural & Safe support for common pregnancy discomforts.

Childbirth Education

  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education, I will teach you about how the muscles, bones, ligaments, hormones and emotions of labor work: so that you and your partner are empowered with knowledge in every stage of labor.
  • Comfort Measures your partner/support person can do such as sacral pressure, double hip squeezes, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, massage, vocalization, breath-work and mindset tools.
  • In-Labor Techniques to support an easier birth: such as positioning, acupressure, aromatherapy, massage, exercises, Spinning Babies
  • Immediate Postpartum & Newborn Education - understanding what to expect with the fourth stage of labor, interventions that might be needed for you or baby.
Postpartum Planning

  • Strategizing how to navigate the changes in your marriage/partnership and build stronger communication and deeper intimacy as you expand your family.
  • Planning for the financial impact of maternity leave - because maternity leave should be for healing & bonding: not worry about money.
  • Breastfeeding Education
  • Postpartum Recovery
  • Newborn Planning: helping you get the best products and bang for your buck.
  • Resource building for lactation, mood, practical support after baby arrives.


  • 90 minute call to get to know you and your desires.
  • Monthly check-ins via e-mail.
  • Lactation support as your milk comes in.
  • Postpartum screening for mood disorders.
  • Birth story and processing call, 1 week after birth.
  • Mentorship begins once the contract is signed and lasts until baby is 12 weeks (or 12 weeks adjusted if baby arrives early).
BONUS!  Newborn Care

  • From the dreaded clipping baby nails to clearing boogers, I’ll show even the most baby-inexperienced parents how to do these things.
  • Infant Massage Training & Workbook, to support bonding, attachment and baby's health.
  • Evidence-based breastfeeding, pumping and and donor milk usage.
  • Evidence-based formula preparation, use and navigating challenges.
  • Developmentally appropriate sleep, feeding and play guidance.
  • Introduction to positive parenting: BEFORE toddlerhood kicks in - now that is priceless! 

Can you imagine feeling fully supported through your entire preparation: pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

Pregnancy Education to support your desired outcomes,

Childbirth Education to feel empowered and confident as you birth,

Postpartum Planning to feel prepared and cared for as you recover,

Personal Mentorship to help you navigate your unique circumstances,

Newborn Education to become relaxed and comfortable with your baby.

Hey! I'm Stefanie

I am a passionate Montessori Mama of five
 and I believe all mamas deseve the very best TLC, regardless of background.


Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist 2009 - 2021
Board Certified Massage Therapist 2009-2021
Certified Birth Doula, 2012
Infant Massage & Early Bonding Specialist, 2012
Claire Marie Miller Fertility Massage Specialist, 2014
25 CEU in Aromatherapy, CARE 2016
Craniosacral Level 1 training, 2011
Newborn Care Specialist, Intern 2023
Reiki Level 1, 2023


Hundreds of hours of prenatal massage work
23 births attended as a doula in home, birth center, hospital
20 years experience in values, planning and time management
13 Years in holistic health and bodywork
11 years breastfeeding with complex medical conditions
5 mid-wife attended homebirths
4 years working in an out-of-hopsital birth center
2 years virtual birth support
1 baby caught in an accidental home birth
Participation in peer-review of the second edition of Making More Milk 

© Stefanie Melo