Calling All Holistic Mamas
Your Dreams Are Possible
That beautiful homebirth you've been dreaming of?
          It's possible.

The VBAC you've been longing for?
          It's yours. 

Holistic options for this unbearable heartburn?
          I can help.

Welcome to the corner of the internet where you get support as an expectant mama, a birthing mama and a new mama all in one place.  You have the training, tools and tips to have the experience you've dreamed about.

You are navigating the most sacred and profound change. You're doing it in a system and culture that views pregnancy and birth as a pathology to solve.

You're moving against the status quo, and I am here to make that easier.

Learn what you need (and don't) to prepare for baby

Phoenix  Area NCS 

I provide holistic and compassionate overnight care for newborns.   I allow new parents to "have it all." Parents get rest and reassurance that baby's needs are met, and infants receive TLC throughout the night. I have 700 hours experience with triplets and twins, in addition to raising my own 5 well-attached and happy children.

NOW ACCEPTING SEPTEMBER DUE DATES for families in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.

Virtual Support


I partner with Ashley Goddard, a Doula, Prenatal Yoga Insructor and Childbirth Educator to provide holistic education and support to expectant mamas.  Our approach to the perinatal year, honors your mental, emotional and physical health. We work with clients in any trimester through 12 weeks postpartum.  We offer prenatal health information, childbirth education, prenatal yoga, postpartum preparation and newborn care training. This ensures that you are on the right track from the very beginning, taking steps to ensure that your childbearing year is everything you'd hoped for and navigating back to balance when things are stressful. 

Baby Registry Class


One of the first things most families start researching is the THINGS they need to buy for baby.  Some of these things are major investments!   The marketplace is constantly changing with product recalls, product bans and upgrades in safety, it's way too much information for a consumer to keep up on.

So Ashley and I, are your experts!  We up-to-date on product efficacy and safety as well as a deep understanding of intuitive cultural parenting, postpartum recovery and infant development.

We offer a FREE baby registry class to pass on our expertise and help you to skip stuff that you really don't need, understand which products you do need (and brands to avoid) as well as the support that makes pregnancy, birth and motherhood enjoyable, positive experiences.

Listen to the Podcast

This is a show for moms and moms-to-be who want so much more than the status quo for pregnancy, birth and beyond.   Each week I offer holistic tips and sage wisdom from 12 years of mothering, 15 years of massage therapy and 11 years of birth doula experience. 

I'll offer you ideas to help you:

  • Navigate the discomforts of pregnancy,
  • Prepare for a birth you love,
  • Plan for a peaceful postpartum and
  • Practice mindset tools for the strongest of contraction and the hardest days. 
Hi, I'm Stefanie
For fifteen years, my deepest desire was to be a mother.  After a miraculous pregnancy I had a beautiful homebirth.  Then, I experienced trauma due to breastfeeding problems.  Navigating breastfeeding issues caused undiagnosed anxiety and resulted in self-isolation. 

I went on to have five more miracle babies and one angel baby.  I loved the baby and toddler years. However, my mental and emotional state, at that time, was dark. As my family grew and the daily pressures increased, I reached a "boiling point" and knew that something had to change.

I started seeking the help I needed and implementing changes that brought me from complete overwhelm and frustration to experiencing joy and peace as my new normal.

I know that a confident, joyful and peaceful mother experience is available to you.  I'd love to help you make sure you experience it.  If we can start you off on the right foot in pregnancy: how much easier will it be for you and the generations to come? 

What Brings You Here?
I can't wait to help you!

Overnight Newborn Care

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 Breastfeeding Support

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