Stefanie Melo

Chemicals in Baby’s Cord Blood?

A 2009 Study found over 200 chemicals in the cord blood of newborns.
Chemicals known to be dangerous to humans, including BPA.

BPA found in all samples

BPA is a known endocrine disruptor
Did you know 93% of Americans had BPA in their urine samples?  At levels significantly higher than what is shown to be unsafe. With children ages 6-11 with the highest levels and fetuses showing the highest sensitivity to health damages.

Your baby deserves the best start in life and you have the ability to protect your child from these risks.

Makeover Your Home

You have carefully chosen diapers, clothing, bedding,
car seats, strollers and maybe even decor.

You should give just as much intention to the daily exposures you and baby experience all the time.

Let me show you the what, why, how, when and where of making a safe home environment for your precious one(s).

It doesn't matter if this is your first baby, or your last.  You can make lasting, generational change with your choices today.

Hey There! I’m Stefanie

I was an idealistic mom, working in my own business and longing for the ideal work-life balance. I wanted to be calm, peaceful and happy with my little blessings.  I’m married to a talented, supportive and fun husband and mom to 5 incredible human beings. I fell in love with the idea of Montessori homeschooling.

The problem was I unknowingly battled anxiety and depression, it looked more like rage so I really didn’t know what was happening.  All I knew what that the harder I worked in my business, the guiltier I felt about being away from home.  The more I worked to keep a clean home, the less I connected with my family.  

I felt worse than paralyzed because I was running hard and getting no where.  The more I learned about parenting, the more frustrated I grew with my shortcomings.  My self-esteem hit an all-time-low and my family took the brunt of my frustration.

I had access to amazing resources, but didn’t know the path to overcoming my struggles. Then, after years of struggle I found the way to release the trauma, shame, self-hatred and overwhelm.

Now, that I no longer feel overwhelm, I've been able to move my birth doula business into a holistic perinatal mentorship program.   I now have the ability to homeschool five kids, in perhaps the steepest learning curve of homeschool approaches, run a growing podcast and support other mamas seeking homebirth, VBAC and natural wellness.  I'm so grateful to be on the otherside and living out my passions.

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