Episode 3
The Danger of Conscious Motherhood

In this episode, I share:

  • why there is pushback again natural birth, breastfeeding, and other parenting choices
  • what this can look like
  • how it harms mental and emotional health for moms
  • how to navigate the gap between ideals and reality through attachment and detachment
I also invite you to take some time to journal or reflect on which way you are prone?  Are you likely to feel defeated in the face of disappointment?  Or are you more likely to become more determined?  Journal about ways this tendency has served you well and ways it’s not been helpful.  

I invite you to the messy middle where your choices matter, your mistakes are salvageable, your ideals are important but don’t define you.   

I invite you to Sage Motherhood where we honor, experience and process the full-range of emotions, so that difficult and negative emotions don’t railroad you into decisions out of your values.

I ask you for a pinch of grace in my delivery, I am not a perfect public speaker or podcast editor. I strive to be kind and inclusive in my language and I welcome dialogue that helps me do that better.  

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You can't guarantee your results, and your choices still matter deeply.  I want to invite you to The Road Not Taken in Motherhood: a masterclass for expecting moms looking to have a postive birth experience.

Join me in Sage Motherhood Mentorship: https://stefaniemelo.com/page/sage-motherhood-mentorship