Episode 29

Crash Course in Cloth Diapering
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Cloth Diapering isn't as complicated as you might think it is.

It's also not as gross as you might imagine.

Listen to this episode to learn:
  • 3 Major Motivations for Cloth Diapering
  • 3 Main Styles of Cloth Diapers
  • How to Wash Cloth Diapers
  • What to do about Diaper Rash
  • How to Handle Hard Water
  • What other accessories you need for cloth diapers
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As important as diapers, clothes, and car seats are what a baby needs is a mom who is doing well physically, emotionally and mentally.  Baby gear doesn't give you peace of mind or support in the middle of the night--no matter how good the marketing is.
Learn how to build a baby registry that has YOU as a mama, set up for success.  Prioritize the services and projects that make life simple and offer you the hands on and emotional support needed to take care of your newborn well.

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I’m so excited to share my favorite products and brands of cloth diapers.  I have cloth diapered 5 children over the course of 9 years.  My husband and I also worked in a maternity store and had the opportunity to work with multiple brands over the years.  Almost every product recommended is one we have used and like better than any other brand. Submit your name, email + due date (or baby’s age) to get free access to this recommended product page.
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