Episode 2
My Motherhood Story
In this episode, I share the first 10 years of my motherhood story, because it shaped my perinatal coaching and parent coaching practice.  I invite you to listen and reflect on ways you see parts of your story in mine and how your beliefs, emotions and experience have shaped your journey.

 Content Warning: my story very briefly mentions gun violence, pregnancy loss, suicidal ideation.

I’ll cover: 
  • how evangelical christianity shaped my view on motherhood
  • how I became pregnant with amenorrhea due to PCOS
  • why I decided to homebirth
  • how I became a birth doula
  • how lactation issues shifted my physical health
  • how physical changes and a “crunchy” lifestyle didn’t fully address my mental health
  • why my parenting convictions led me to leave the church
  • how leaving the church rocked my identity 
  • how covid changed everything
  • a glimpse into our 3 months of full time RV travel
  • how coaching transformed her mental health
  • the ways in which the church failed me
  • the ways in which society failed me
  • the ways I set myself up for feelings of failure as a mother.
Mama, please remember your mental health,  your emotional health and your physical health all matter.  It’s important to prioritize all of them, you are just as valuable as your baby and children, and they need a happy and healthy you to become who they are meant to be.  There is no shame in getting help on your motherhood journey.

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