Episode 1
What is Sage Motherhood?

In this episode, I share:
-Why I chose the word Sage for my business
-How I define sage motherhood
-My beliefs around motherhood, pregnancy, birth, parenting and babies.
We all have teaching, experiences and cultural practices that shape the way we view femininity, menstruation, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, motherhood, marriage and parenting.

It’s important to understand those influences, unconscious beliefs and how this shapes the way you experience your body and motherhood.

I invite you to take some time to journal and reflect on any ways that my beliefs have impacted you, maybe unnecessary cesareans felt like a sting.  It could be my wording, it could be that you disagree based on evidence, it could be because there is an experience you’ve encountered that triggers difficult emotions.

I’m not here to harm any mother, baby or family.  I am here to invite you into the possibility that your emotions, beliefs and experience matter profoundly.  Also, to the possibility that your emotion, beliefs and experience could prevent you from experiencing abundance in different areas of life and motherhood.

I ask you for a pinch of grace in my delivery, I am not a perfect public speaker.  I strive to be kind and inclusive in my language and I welcome dialogue that is kind and respectful.  

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