In this episode we explore three things that “they” won't tell you about breastfeeding. 
A few points of clarification.
  1. I 100% support the decision to use formula or donated milk for any reason.  
  2. I am a HUGE advocate for breastfeeding because it is almost always the easiest for baby to digest, offers more immune support, bonding opportunities and is better for your hormonal experience and ideally mama’s mental health.  
  3. The second statement does not apply to everyone. 
Breastfeeding is not always easy or come naturally, for most women it’s a big effort that pays off in physical and emotional benefits.  

However, there are real complications that arise and in this episode we explore some of that with extra focus on the first month and week of baby’s life.

We touch on:
  • How our inappropriate expectations and complicate and derail breastfeeding,
  • Why policy changes are necessary to increase breastfeeding rates birth - six months,
  • Three key identifiers of an issue with a baby getting enough milk,
  • The four keys to create a great milk supply, 
  • Guidelines for diapers the first five days of life.
  • Additional signs of issues and when to seek help.
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