Episode 15

Support for Anxiety in Pregnancy

Episode 15: Support for Anxiety in Pregnancy

Four Things to Know

  1. Anxiety in Pregnancy is incredibly common.
  2. Anxiety in pregnancy has been on the rise the past few years.
  3. Anxiety in pregnancy makes sense when you consider how unpredictable the childbearing year is.
  4. There are so many resources for coping with anxiety and managing it well.
I'd love to have you grab my free prenatal affirmations to support you in moving towards this birth mindset that delivers.  Techniques and tools that will help you manage your anxiety and hold yourself in birth in a way that feels really good.

Ready to be radically resourced during your childbearing year?  Work with me in Sage Motherhood Mentorship, I'll support you to create the mindset, emotions, physical space and practical support for a year that feels sacred and transformative even if you experience anxiety.  

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Information courtesy of Stefanie Melo