Holistic Doulas for Naturally Minded Mamas

Virtual Doulas who Deliver

a pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey beyond the status quo

We offer different results so our program is different than what you normally see.

Instead of just hiring a doula for one day of your motherhood journey,
Hire two to take you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

You don't have to figure this all out on your own.

It's time to build the support team that leaves 
you feeling taken care of AND empowered
so that you have the energy to nurture your sweet baby

If you want
  • A pregnancy that feels good with lots of prenatal yoga,
  • A pregnancy nourished by whole foods, herbs and essential oils,
  • Childbirth Education specific to natural birth,
  • To set yourself up for breastfeeding success,
  • A strong and flexible pelvic floor,
  • To strengthen your trust in your mama instincts,
  • Evidence-Based resources for your pregnancy and birth,
  • A minimalist, Montessori or Waldorf approach for your baby,
  • Then, we are the doula team for you.
Then, we are the doula team for you.

Pregnancy & Birth don't have to be overwhelming, we can help
If you ...

Are unsure of how to cope with the intensity of labor

Are weary of scary birth stories people keep offering

Are Coping with unsupportive friends or family

Find breastfeeding and newborn life a little ambiguous

Are tired of trying to sift through all the bad advice on the internet

Are uninterested (or just too busy!) in reading stacks of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding books

You are in the right place

Nurturing your pregnancy, Empowering Your Birth and Nourishing your new baby bond.
The Sage Yogi Mama Package 

✨ Virtual Doula Services
  Prentatal Yoga Classes
  Prenatal Coaching & Support
  Prenatal Education Classes
  Newborn Care Training Courses
  Postpartum Preparation Series
  Childbirth Education, tailored for natural birth
 Postpartum Yoga Classes
  Infant Massage Class 

Imagine the next year with

  • A nourished and supported pregnancy
  • A calm and peaceful mind
  • A beautiful birth story
  • A blissful and bonded postpartum
  • A confident start to parenthood
  • A community to surround you as your family grows

All of this possible for you

Are you ready for a peaceful, confident and healthy pregnancy?

Sift through the noise, the worries and make confident choices.

Are you dreaming of a blissful natural birth?
That's why you want a doula team to set you up for a great birth.

You could figure this out on your own, you don’t need a virtual doula

But why would you go through this on your own when you can have a team of experts available to offer feedback & support

I know you're inundated with tips, tricks and a plethora of resources

Let's make this simple for you

From the moment you join Sage Yogi Mamas, until your baby is 12 weeks old - we've got you! 

All you need to do is sign up & you'll have instant access

to the expertise of two doulas for all your questions and concerns.

Introducing Sage Yogi Mama

This virtual doula package exceeds industry expectations and helps you have a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  

You’ll feel: informed, strong, supported and confident in your mama instincts so that you feel secure in your decisions.

Here's what you'll find working with The Sage Yogi Doulas
Virtual Doula Support
$1,200 Value

Birth can feel vulnerable and uncertain.

It doesn’t have to be scary.

Having a doula available to encourage, support and guide you can make all the difference.

Doula Support Includes:
  • Prenatal preparation video/audio/text support*
  • 24 hour on call support weeks 38-42 
  • Continuous virtual  labor support
  • Postpartum processing call/zoom
  • Postnatal Depression Screening
  • Postpartum video/audio/text support*
*prenatal and postpartum support are during business hours

Postpartum Prep
$600 Value

It's hard to have a peaceful postpartum if you're trying to do all the cooking, cleaning and socializing as if you didn't just give birth.

Your don't have to spend postpartum trying to be supermom.

Postpartum Care Package will help you craft a postpartum that is nourishing for you and baby, while honoring your unique personality and circumstances.

You'll get
  • Text/Video/Audio support during business hours
  • Postpartum Preparation Video Series
  • How to Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals Masterclass

Newborn Care
$500 Value

When you don't understand the newborn development, nutrition, sleep and communication, it's easy to become overwhelmed.

Most of the time, there's nothing to fix, but when you don't know what is normal and healthy and what's not you can waste a lot of time scrolling the web finding conflicting information.

Working with professionals who understand newborn development can help you put blinders on to bad advice and make confident and healthy choices.

You'll get
  • Newborn Hygiene
  • Newborn Routines & Sleep
  • Montessori Baby
Prenatal Education
$300 Value

Your pregnancy sets the stage for your birth and postpartum.

Aches and pains lead many moms into elective induction. 

Healthy complications such as pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes complicate birth plans.   

Anxiety and Fear around the uncertainty of pregnancy and birth can steal joy from the experience.

Prenatal Education Includes
  • Prenatal Nutrition Course
  • Aromatherapy for Pregnancy + Postpartum
  • Cultivate a Birth Mindset that Delivers
  • Reduce Chemical Exposures in Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga
$600 Value

Pregnancy and Birth require physical, mental and emotional strength rarely experienced in daily life. 

Physical, Mental and Emotional fatigue are the most frequent reasons for epidural requests.

Prental yoga strengthens your body, eases discomforts in pregnancy and regular practice builds a solid foundation for the mental and emotional strength needed in labor (and motherhood!)

You get:
  • Yoga Postures - Digital Flashcards with video links
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester Prenatal Yoga Videos
  • Guided Meditations and Journal Prompts

Childbirth Education
$450 Value

When you don't understand the normal progression of labor, it's easy to look for solutions to "problems" in labor.

Most of the time, there's nothing to fix, and it creates a series of interventions that derail a natural birth process.

Understanding the process keeps you in the driver's seat of your birth.

You'll get
  • A foundational undestanding of physiological birth
  • Comfort Measures for the stages of labor
  • Immediate Postpartum Newborn behavior
  • Evidence Based Birth PDFs to share with your provider
The Bonuses
This isn't your average birth doula package
You'll be guided toward the best health outcomes in pregnancy.
You'll feel prepared for labor and delivery.
You'll feel confident in your ability to care for your baby.
You'll be ready for a restful postpartum.

Prepare yourself for the whole journey.  

As doulas and mothers we know that you need much more than birth support to thrive in your childbearing year.  

A positive mothering experience awaits you and

Pay in Full

save $400

A payment of $2000

👉 Prenatal Education
👉 Prenatal Yoga
👉 Birth Doula Support
👉 Postpartum Care
👉 Newborn Care Education
Yoga Nidra
Birth Affirmations
Infant Massage

Retainer Fee

Save your due date with your

A Payment of $480

👉 Prenatal Education
👉 Prenatal Yoga
👉 Birth Doula Support
👉 Postpartum Care
👉 Newborn Care Education
Yoga Nidra
Birth Affirmations
Infant Massage

+ Payments

4 monthly

 Payments of $480

👉 Prenatal Education
👉 Prenatal Yoga
👉 Birth Doula Support
👉 Postpartum Care
👉 Newborn Care Education
Yoga Nidra
Birth Affirmations
Infant Massage

Got questions before you get started?

We've got answers!

When is the best time to sign up?
We recommend signing up in the first trimester, so that you can go into your first prenatal appointments prepared for the big picture of your desired pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

When is it too late to sign up? 
There isn't really an official "too late" for signing up.
However, it is unlikely you'll be able to get through all the prenatal content when you sign up after 34 weeks.
Also, depending on our work load, it's possible we're already booked out for your due date if you're in the 3rd trimester.

Is this program refundable?
No, and here is why:  more than half the program is digital and access is granted immedately upon paying the retainer.
Additionally, once you hire us, we decline any other clients who might interfere with your birth and postpartum support.

What happens if I experience a pregnancy loss?
You maintain access to course materiels that can be utilized for a future pregnancy.
You continue to utilize virtual support and postpartum recovery recommendations we provide.
You can utilize a discount for virtual doula service in your next pregnancy and maintain course access.

How does the process work? 
You book your consultation call with Stefanie and Ashley
You either pay in full, or pay the retainer fee and sign the contract.
Once the contract and payment are complete, you receive access to all digital portions of the program.
You then book your prenatal yoga classes 
and your prenatal appointments for birth preparation.
You call us when you are in labor to begin your virtual birth support.
You receive continuous support for the duration of your labor, and Stefanie and Ashley will switch shifts at 4pm and 8am if your labor exceeds our call time.
We will do a video call first 2-3 days postpartum to check on you and offer support.
We will do a video call 1 week postpartum for depression screening & birth processing.
You maintain text support & troubleshooting until baby is 12 weeks old

What'll happens next? 
Once you sign up

👉 You get immediate access to your content vaults
👉 You’ll schedule your first prenatal video appointment
👉 You’ll start taking your online yoga classes
👉 You’ll start pacing through your content vaults

But first, book a consult call

What you'll get out of this program
You walk through pregnancy feeling
👉 Confident
👉 Prepared
👉 Empowered

You’ll experience birth 
👉 connected to your baby
👉 in tune with your emotions
👉 embodied in your experience

You’ll have a postpartum experience that feels
👉 nurtured
👉 restful
👉 bonded with your baby

And you will have 

👉 A confident & calm pregnancy experience
👉 A fully supported birth story
👉 A gentle guided postpartum recovery

This is what's waiting for you!

It's your choice...
Let's get you out of uncertainty and information overload 
and into intuitive and confident motherhood.

You could spend your entire pregnancy and postpartum reading all the books, scrolling TikTok and listening to dozens of podcasts

You can either


We've got your back

Birth has no guarantees, but we can promise you that you will be 100% supported in your
ideals, values, and goals throughout our time working together.
This is for you if...
  • You want an easeful and healthy pregnancy
  • You’re ready to take leadership in your experience
  • You can see yourself in your power birthing your baby, your way
  • You know that you’re capable of nurturing your baby intuitively
  • You want to be attuned to your body through it all
This is NOT for you if...
  • You are not commited to your education and preparation surrounding your pregnancy and birth.
  • You expect your doctor or midwife to make all the decision for you.
  • You are not interested in learning your options and the evidence for the outcomes you desire.
  • You think childbirth education is a waste of time.
  • You don't see the value of personal growth in your motherhood journey
Breastfeeding Support with Stefanie
After being engorged without letdown, my milk dried up.  I went to the clinic and got the labs that you recommended.  My progesterone was low and my midwife sent me a referral to a clinic in Canda to get medication to help my milk supply.
Thank you!  You are incredible and so, so smart and I appreciate you being there for me.

Pay in Full

save $400

One payment of $2000

👉 Prenatal Education
👉 Prenatal Yoga
👉 Birth Doula Support
👉 Postpartum Care
👉 Newborn Care Education
Yoga Nidra
Birth Affirmations
In Home Infant Massage 

Retainer Fee

Save your due date with an

Initial Payment of $480

👉 Prenatal Education
👉 Prenatal Yoga
👉 Birth Doula Support
👉 Postpartum Care
👉 Newborn Care Education
Yoga Nidra
Birth Affirmations
In-Home Infant Massage

Payment Plan

retainer plus

4 Monthly Payments of $480

👉 Prenatal Education
👉 Prenatal Yoga
👉 Birth Doula Support
👉 Postpartum Care
👉 Newborn Care Education
Yoga Nidra
Birth Affirmations
In Home Infant Massage

Final call
if you don't do this now, you....

What would the value be of walking this new motherhood path with expert guidance and compassionate support? 

If you wanted to do motherhood in isolation, you wouldn’t be here right now.

How long do you want to wait, how much pressure do you want to build before you decide to see your worth and commit to your Sage Yogi Mama journey?

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Embrace, Empower, Enlighten.  Your journey to natural, intuitive motherhood starts now.