Massage Treatment & 
Self Care of Tendinits
Treating Tendinitis with TLC and without side effects.

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Powered by Froala Editor

Tendinitis Treatment Goals
What is tendinitis & where does it occur?

Determine Your Grade level 

Treatment Goals  & Techniques

Self Care Plan

Supplements & Products to use

Treatment for Acute Tendinitis

If you are dealing with tendinitis associated with a recent injury or event, this is the treatment video for you.

Please Note:
If you are pregnant: do not use the joint play techniques.  Do not lie face down, do not lie flat.  Instead be semi reclined to keep pressure off your inferior vena cava.  Do not use heat between your sacrum and rib cage (basically no heat near the uterus)

If you have a fever, skip this treatment entirely until you recover.

If you have broken skin, do not massage over it.

Wash your hands before massage, seriously.  Even on yourself. :) 

Self Care
What to do on the days you are not doing massage.