The Steady 77
A 77 day consistency challenge to optimize your wellness
Ready to Feel Better?
You know what they say:

Get more sleep
Move more
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Eat fewer fried foods
Eat less sugar

You know the things, but some how the getting started trips you up.
Or, you are great at starting, but the sticking-to-it is the hard part.
Maybe you even have trouble believing you can actually do this thing!

This challenge, will help you with THAT.  It will help you start, stick and believe so that you can get those dreamy results.

Better Sleep

More energy

Fewer Aches

Maintain your weight in "pumpkin-spice-everything-season"

Lose weight 

More flexibility

Improved Stamina

Better fitting clothes

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Let’s Do This!

77 Days to Bolster Your Wellness Goals


1. Exercise 15 minutes every day
2. Stick to your healthy eating parameters, no “cheats”
3. Drink 1 gallon of water every day.
4. Daily sunlight exposure before noon.
5. Blue light filtering glasses OR no blue light two hours before bed.