You Already Know That You
Want to Do Things Differently
  • You're uncomfortable with seeing so many other mamas get diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
  • You're frustrated seeing so many women have cesareans that could be avoided.
  • You want to enjoy pregnancy, birth and newborn life, not battle anxiety and depression.
  • You your experience to be personalized and sacred, not just "the standard of care"
  • You want a birth you feel great about for years to come.
Welcome Mama, Come Along On

In This Masterclass You Will
Come away recognizing exactly how this system became so medicalized and dangerous.

Come face-to-face with your desires for your birth.

Be called to embrace your fears and decide what to do about them.

Understand exactly why you need more than to just hire a midwife, a doula and hope for the best.

Not only to take in KNOWLEGE about how beautiful and empowering birth can be, but exactly WHY you have to take a completely different route to get there.

© Stefanie Melo