Feeling Excitement and Uncertainty About Your Pregnancy?

I help women experience pregnancy with agency and confidence, 
so that they have a beautiful birth and holistic mothering experience.
Client Testimonial
Stefanie is a phenomenal doula and my son's birth wouldn't have been as smooth without her. Prior to my delivery day, Stefanie met with me to discuss my birth plan, how my pregnancy was progressing and to learn information about myself and my family. She was very open and receptive to my plan and never once tried to sway me to do something different. I was very comfortable with her especially knowing she had first hand experience with birth via her children's births.  She's very knowledgeable about natural birth, breastfeeding and cloth diapers. She was always available by phone or email and scheduled in person meetings as needed.


You are over the moon about your baby

At the same time, you are navigating a whole lot of unknowns.  

You have an estimated due date, but you don’t know when your baby will come.

You have a vision for your birth, but you can’t control every outcome.

You love all the pregnancy milestones and are sometimes worried by your symptoms.

Congratulations, you are perfectly normal.

At the same time, feeling all the uncertainty doesn’t always feel good.

There are so many resources to guide you in pregnancy and birth

Which ones will be the ones that calm your mind and body?

Which ones will have you feeling empowered instead of terrified?

How do you navigate your marriage or partnership in this new stage?

That’s where I can help!

You Can Do This

Why not walk through it with a qualified coach?
You are meant for confidence, strength and power…

That is not the common pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience though is it?

Many women worry about every choice they make during pregnancy.  

Should I eat that? 

Can I still have sex? 

Can I use this oil? 

Will I pass this on to baby?

Everything says “consult your doctor” but who has time to call the doctor 14x a day?  

How do you move from uncertainty, worry and feeling disempowered 
to confidence, strength & power?

You learn from someone who knows.

Your doctor or midwife has the role of supporting normal gestation and delivery.
Your doula supports you physically and emotionally in labor.
You are the one and only gatekeeper of your mind and body.
You are the one to carry the baby.
You are the one who births that baby.

You are the one that feeds the baby.

Shouldn’t you be the most empowered and confident person in the team?
You want a coach for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

With 12 years in the field, I have seen countless moms set up for disappointment, trauma and mood disorders.

Let me walk you through a plan to get you the best perinatal year possible.

How We Do This


1.  Confidently Navigate Pregnancy

You will have me as a back pocket resource for all your questions and concerns.

I’ll help you find supportive resources,
I’ll guide you to self-advocate and build self-trust,
I’ll support your partner to be connected through the biggest  transition in life, becoming parents.
I’ll coach you each month as you make decisions for your pregnancy, health, postpartum and infant care.


2.  Have and Empowered Birth Experience

For the family  planning a vaginal birth, 

You will learn about the labor process from false labor to delivery of the placenta.  You don’t need an advanced  degree to understand how birth works.  

Because you know, you will feel confident going into your unique labor. You will know what suggestions your provider has that are right for you and baby.

For families planning a cesarean birth, we will learn how that process goes and how to plan for a great recovery.

You’ll have text and phone support from me throughout your labor and immediate postpartum.


3. Be Strong and Supported During Your Postpartum Recovery

Enter the beauty of postpartum with a firm understanding of what that looks like physically and emotionally.  

Gain and understanding of normal newborn development…

Work out the best way to feed your baby. 

Determine your needs and know how to get them met. 

Recognize potential problems and have resources to solve those problems.  You can mother without guilt!

Feel Empowered, Confident and Strong

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from hiring a birth doula?
A Birth Doula generally contracts with you mid pregnancy with limited prenatal support.  Generally you will have some text and phone conversation during pregnancy as well as 1-2 coaching and planning appointments in home.  The doula is on call for several weeks around your estimated due date and meets you for support and stays with you offering encouragement, tips, labor coaching, comfort support  and stays with you until 1-2 hours after the birth.  Generally she will meet with you 1-2x postpartum.

Prenatal Coaching walks you through everything YOU need in order to navigate pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum with grace and ease.  You will learn things you can safely do for common discomforts of pregnancy, how to prepare your body for a great birth, transforming your mind to LOOK FORWARD to giving birth, instead of being afraid.  You will learn the basics of labor and delivery as well as newborn interventions.  We will discuss newborn development, support and your parenting approach.  Additionally we will prepare you for the massive emotional and physical changes that occur during the first twelve weeks after giving birth.  We will create a custom plan for you to get the support that you need during this monumental time.

What qualifications does Stefanie have?
I was a Massage Therapist for 12 years which included advanced training in fertility enhancement, infant bonding, infant massage, craniosacral  therapy and pregnancy massage.
I am a certified birth doula with experience working in an out of hospital birth center, serving mothers in home-birth, birth centers and hospital for 10 years.
I am a breastfeeding warrior navigating the very under discussed troubles of chronic low milk supply.  I’ve served on the focus groups of one published breastfeeding book and taught midwives and doulas how to support women in their feeding goals, while caring for baby and preserving their mental and emotional well being.
I am currently in traininging as a full-spectrum doula which includes postpartum, fertility, bereavement, and birth doula training.
I am also an intern working toward board certfication as a Newborn Care Specialist

How Does it Work?
When you have signed the contract & made payment, our 12 month journey begins.

* You and your partner get access to a private messaging app to message me throughout our year together.

*You get access to my resource vault which includes my favorite resources and any training I’ve recorded.

* You get 1 sixty minute call per month (phone or video) to process what’s happening, address concerns and get coaching on normal pregnancy, infant care and development. 12 calls total

*On-call text and telephone support during your labor, delivery and recovery.  Got a labor stalled by and epidural?  I’ll have tips for you.  Got a baby that just won’t descend? I’ll give you tricks.  Feeling really exhausted and like you want to quit?  I’ve got your back. Partner are you totally scares of what’s happening?  I’ll help you get comfortable and feel safe in this process too.

*Infant Massage Video Training when baby is 4 weeks old

*Postpartum Support: infant feeding, sleep, self car, postpartum depression screenings

What is the Goal?
My goal is to support you to have the EDUCATION  about each topic and the TOOLS to support you on your journey.  Some moms will need a cesarean, some moms will have low milk supply, some mothers will have six weeks off work, some 12, some will love being pregnant, others won’t.  There isn’t a right way to do your perinatal year.  But it is WRONG for mothers to feel alone, unsupported and uninformed.  Most of us aren’t used to advocating for ourselves, that’s where I help.  Because now, you are advocating for two (or more!)
Let’s Make This Year Beautiful

Are you ready to have a positive mindset about birth?

Are you ready for some peace and calm this pregnancy?

Are you ready to find out what’s possible for your birth?

Are you excited to go into motherhood with skills you need to THRIVE?

Are you excited to take charge of your fears and have the experience you desire?

If that’s you, then join me!

Your Doula All Year Long

  • Coaching on retainer 4 months postpartum
  • Daily support in app
  • Labor Support via phone or text
  • Infant Massage Training
  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education
  • Birth Support Vault
  • Breastfeeding, Postpartum Planning Preparation
  • Welcome Baby Vault Access -
  • Resource Vault for all things perinatal year!
$1200  $800