Perfectly Matched
Meet Stefanie & Hernando
We’ve been together for 13 years and married for 11.  We’ve overcome a lot of nonsense, trauma and loss while raising five children.
We consider ourselves to be a match, which means we are two people who belong together not just two people who are together.  This distinction is important to us, because it indicates an active choice to belong to each other and be for each other.

Our marriage is more than a legal contract, it’s more than choosing to be parents together, it is us choosing each other daily and this means we prioritize communication and unity.

Are you ready to be more than just a couple and become perfectly matched?
Become A Perfect Match
You know you came together for a reason, but somehow you know you aren’t quite where you want to be as a married couple.  Maybe you are bogged down by the details of raising a family.  Maybe you’ve experienced trauma.  Maybe you’ve evolved as individuals and you aren’t sure how to grow together.  We’ve got you.

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You can’t be be perfect.
Yet, you can be perfect for each other.
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