You desire more from your marriage.

Your marriage isn’t broken or in crisis, it’s okay, it’s good, it’s typical.  Yet, that isn’t what your hearts are calling for,

Your hearts long for deeper intimacy, a true knowing of each other.  To be seen, accepted and deeply loved.  You long to feel sanctuary with your spouse, not just being roommates with a shared economy.  

You want more physical passion and that comes from a deeper emotional connection. You want that grand romance, but you’ve been taught that that’s fantasy.  You have bought into the belief that steady life is the true meaning of marriage.

We believe you can have both.  Choosing a life that honors the practicalities of humanity and raising children and is emotionally rich, physically passionate and abundant in love is possible, and it’s for you.

We are here to support you releasing yourselves   from the limitations and shame of gendered marital roles and expectations.  

We guide you to choose and live in values that honor your unique gifts, passions, callings and individuals and as a match.

We offer strategies and support to  unlearn emotional patterns that hold you back from deep connection with your spouse and embrace healthy boundaries and authenticity in your relationship.

You can grow in this together,  no more one-sided, status quo marriage,

You are two people deeply committed to be for each other and to be with each other.

What We Do in Perfectly Matched

Expectations & Beliefs

Eliminate harmful expectations and create a new paradigm together.

Values, Role
& Purpose

Discover the values that drive you,
and how to live them out in your purpose


Learn each other’s unique needs
and how to meet them with 
healthy boundaries

Growth & Mindset

Learn how to overcome mental obstacles that hold you back from your highest potential 

Nine Month Program

A great marriage is for the long haul,
we’ve specifically chosen this length because we all know
that amazing things can grow in nine months.

This isn’t a quick fix, though you can expect some 
areas to expand quickly.  It’s sustained and supported growth.

Two Calls 
Per Month

2 60 minute Coaching Calls 
We are there with you as a couple for a full hour to offer the support you deserve.

Twice a month because we know how demanding your schedules are and that for many couples up-leveling their marriage childcare isn’t always easy to arrange

Back Pocket Coaching

You will both have access to us in between coaching sessions for those bumps that arise in daily life.
Had a hard day? get the support you need.
Have a big win to celebrate, no need to wait for the next call.
Access via Telegram app 

Values & Goals Course

We offer your not only the opportunities to set goals and get support on them,
but we will also show you how to align your values
with your goals
and daily living.
What others are saying...

Hey there! We are so glad you found us!

We are Stefanie and Hernando Melo, and we feel perfectly matched.

We didn’t magically come to this wonderful marriage.  We have worked on ourselves, on our marriage and we have held the belief that we are a team and a match.

For years, I (Stefanie)  felt I  wasn’t a “good enough” wife which was harmful to her mental and emotional health, this impacted the relationship including sex. 

These beliefs stemmed from evangelical marriage teaching.  This teaching  is highly gendered and patriarchal.  

Thankfully, Hernando’s constant approval, openness, willingness to communicate and support for my well being has produced and even deeper, more passionate and fun marriage

Ready to wake up to a thriving marriage every day? 

© Stefanie Melo