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You're a busy lady and I want to honor your valuable time, so I'm cutting right to the chase.

You are here because you are seeking a new way.
You are seeking answers.

You’re tired of the checklists and the routines that leave you feeling the same. You're running in circles, on the day-to-day hamster wheel.

You know repetition and rhythms can be supportive. You desire structure and routine. But, it feels like you can't quite find your groove. So what's going on? 

Boxes on your lists get checked, but something isn't quite right. What's missing?
You want something different... that really moves the needle. 
You want something that gets you results... better & faster.
You want to feel confident & convicted about how you spend your days, weeks & years.

I offer a 100% FREE ONE-HOUR ASSESSMENT & PLANNING SESSION, custom to you. 
I listen to your unique needs & situation. 
And, I offer you unique solutions to meet your needs. 
I support you to take the next step to find the answers you need.
Experience how coaching with me can propel you towards your result faster. This is a limited-time offer to help busy moms get clear.
Learn More About My Story and Work
I grew up in a Pentecostal church I freaking loved.  I attended a Christian University. I served in Ministry from age 12 to age 39.

While  expecting our rainbow baby and homeschooling our four children ages 1-7, conflict arose in our church.  Our desire for reconciliation was met with hostility. We left not only our source of income, but our church “family”.

I thought I would never feel whole again. But I learned how to go from jaded to joyful. Join me as I share how I continue to navigate deconstruction without succumbing to despair. Click here to register.
Podcast & YouTube

I had the honor of being interviewed by Kate Saffle on the The Happier in Motherhood Podcast about Deconstructing Faith in Motherhood. It feels like a REALLY high stakes venture. I know listening to this episode is going to offer you so much encouragement.

Click the image to get the link to apple podcasts and then check out Episode 88.

Did you know that over the age of thirty-five over 95% of our thoughts are default & automatic?  Did you know that most of these programmed beliefs are built into our psyche before age 7?

Our beliefs about money are deep inside our minds, our bodies & our hearts. Listen on YouTube as we share stories of how we shifted out of scarcity, fear & frustration to possibility, hope & abundance.
What Brings You Here?

Community for Mamas Disentangling
harmful evangelical teachings around Money, Motherhood & Marriage 

Conscious Motherhood Community

Resources for fertility, birth, pregnancy, postpartum &  infant care

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