Chandler Baby Registry Expert Class
The gift registry guide to what moms really need.

Empower your parenting journey with our Baby Registry Expert Class. Joining this FREE class will help you to seamlessly align your goals with your registry choices.  You will be guided to tailor your purchasing power to your family's unique needs, so that you have perfect resources and peace of mind. 

Saturday, March 16, 2024
9:00 - 10:30 am

Dulce Vide Coffee
610 N Alma School Road, Suite 12
Chandler, AZ 85224

Join Phoenix Pregnancy & Birth Experts

Stefanie Melo
Newborn Care Specialist, Doula, Prenatal Coach and Infant Bonding Specialist

Stefanie has been a doula and infant massage and early bonding specialist since 2012, She has cloth diapered all five of her children, who also happened to be born intervention-free at home with incredible midwives.  A licensed massage therapist for 13 years, Stefanie is also trained in fertilty massage.  She is also an expert in low milk supply and recently became a Newborn Care Specialist (night nanny) working with premature infants as well as twins and triplets. 

Ashley Goddard 
Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Pelvic Floor Yoga, Doula & Childbirth Educator

Ashley is a devoted single mom to an incredible son. She brings over two decades of yoga experience to her journey, specializing in prenatal and pelvic floor yoga. As a dedicated advocate for autonomous birth experiences, Ashley empowers individuals to navigate pregnancy and childbirth with informed choices, fostering strength and confidence on their unique paths to parenthood."

as they come together to bring this enlightening crash course guide to your baby registry!

You Will Learn: 
What your baby really needs,
What you really need,
What your partner needs,
and what is just marketing.

We share this so that you can create a postive pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn experience.