Stefanie Melo
Get Clear on Your Values

Your Values Serve to Guide Your Choices

Values are often cited as an important piece of living a intentional life.

Faith, Family, Friendship and Integrity can be lovely values. 
Community, Minimalism, Travel, Authenticity can be lovely, too.

What if you aren’t actually clear on what YOUR values are? 
What if someone else’s values are dominating your days?
How do you even know if that's happening?

When we are young, values are taught or modeled to us. Perhaps we were expected to behave a certain way or do certain things as part of those outside. As we get older, we carry these past teachings forward, even if we haven't questioned why we do them. Plus, our modern world has a lot going on! There are so many different messages about values from marketing, peers, the media, friends, communities, school, church, work, etc. It can get noisy and confusing. 

Think about it this way: if the values filling your very full days are coming from outside of you, and not from inside of you-- it will be challenging to access that deep peace and knowing that gets you up and going every day. It may show up in your life more subtly, if things just feel off or disconnected. It may be more blatant and you feel overwhelmed, depleted and are floundering without meaning. 

Maybe you've identified that living a value-driven life that is not on default is important to you and your family. How do you identify your values? What do any of these values actually mean to you? What if you know your values but you don't know how to act on them?  What if two of your top values are in conflict? What if your personal values conflict with your family's or community's?

I've been there.... in all of these places of defaulting, questioning and exploring.

I've studied values... not just how to name them but to how to live them fully and incorporate them into your daily, weekly, monthly and big picture planning. My Cultivate Clarity full-course with group coaching takes you there! 

Not quite ready for that deep-dive but you desire to implement change now?
Looking for a quick and accessible investment for navigating how to do this process to get clear on YOUR values? 

Get your feet wet in how life-changing this journey can be to fill your days and your life aligned with YOU!

Try out the new Cultivate Clarity mini-course with PDF journaling exercises and tools. 

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Want to live a values based lifestyle?

In this Values Mini Pack You’ll get

- PDF that walks you through values clarification
- Short Values Teaching to guide you as you use the PDF

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