Ready to Live An Abundant Life?
“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” - Robin Sharma

You are creating the lifestyle you have. 
You are creating your financial situation.

You just might not realize it.
You may not know you are actively creating outcomes that are not your highest choice.
And we have good news…
You do have a choice. More is possible.
Join us for a workshop series to unlock the outcomes you desire!
We talk money. 
Yes, we are going there. 
Talking about money is often “taboo”.
Taboo means shame.
And that shame about money…. is holding you back.
My friend, that is no longer for you!

Becoming aware of your money mindset and envisioning your goals are the foundational steps to make a shift, and that's where we start....
In this workshop you’ll be guided to:
  • Reflect on your life through the lens of your money mindset
  • Imagine your ideals for your finances
  • Feel and release limitations surrounding your goals
  • Embody these new ideals so they truly become your own
This method of bringing together your 
creates the most powerful and lasting change.

Stefanie, Tanya and Martina have lived this process and have each experienced powerful transformations, each going from lack to abundance. They are a powerful team with decades of experience in body, mind, soul and spirit and will share insights and tools to create the outcomes you desire in your life.

Meet Tanya Milano Snell

Tanya supports you to be the parent and human you desire to be through her background as a Certified Purejoy Parent Coach and Teacher of Yoga and Mindfulness. She invites you to feel *all* of your emotions (even the scary ones) and challenge your default patterns. Tanya's compassion and curiosity embolden you to lovingly embrace what is and forge a path to wholeness. She guides you to discover what fuels your heart and lights your fire so you can raise kids who truly know themselves, too.

Tanya's Abundance Shift:
As a child, I grew up in a low-income family with a lot of financial struggle. I started to strive for more and aimed for perfection. These beliefs of lack became more apparent when I was ready for parenthood. I told myself before I could be a mom, I needed to be financially stable and have everything in the right place. As time went on, I waited for everything to be just right.
And then I realized: this internal feeling of lack won’t just go away so I need a new approach. I started to be more aware of  when this fear-based thinking came up and did the internal work to challenge and reframe it. I shifted to a place of possibility! I sat with what was, as it arose, and trusted that each next step would be just right. Through open communication with my husband, we embraced that we may not have it all figured out, but we can make intentional choices and live the life we desire. So, we took action towards our financial path of growth and we welcomed our two children! We model this mindset of possibility to our two kids through reframing, healthy boundaries and intentional values-based decision making. 

Meet Stefanie Melo

Stefanie is a Holistic Life and Faith Coach for moms. She supports weary mamas to clarify their values, experience more meaning in their days and take action towards their dreams. She coaches you to understand and integrate your well-being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You strengthen your confidence, deepen your peace and expand your joy. 

Stefanie’s Abundance Shift:
I grew up in a lower-middle class, single-parent household, which meant money and its scarcity were always top of mind. Generational trauma combined with my Christian upbringing sent me the message that it was okay for me to love pizza, but not money. When my first car needed a new radiator, I felt like it was true that “there’s only just enough money, and savings will always be drained by emergencies”. When motherhood came along, I felt like it was my chance to feel fulfilled and like I was enough. Instead, I experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, isolation, a crisis of faith and fear of not having enough money. That’s when the deep changes began. I started a journey of deconstructing and challenging everything I thought I believed. It was scary and messy. It felt like heresy. It also led to a deeper faith, more peace and a wholeness I didn't know was possible. I have dramatically shifted my beliefs about abundance, money and faith.  I no longer fear money or live in a place of worry. I fully embrace and know that money is always available to meet our needs and it can flow to others in need, too.

Meet Martina

Martina is on a mission to change the fact that only 4% of women see themselves as beautiful. Through her proven method of disrupting diet culture, she empowers women to accept and respect their bodies and find happiness that is not dependent on their weight. As a Chakra Healer and Certified Yoga Teacher, she shows you how to connect back into your body. Martina is passionate about creating a body positive community for women who don't feel like they fit in: a tribe that gets it, as they journey to love their imperfectly perfect selves.

Martina’s Abundance Shift:
I hated my body and didn’t feel worthy of love and affection. I lost nearly 100 pounds and guess what? I hated myself as much as I did before. I was devastated. My relationships were suffering due to my own lack of self-love. I felt sadness. I felt anger. I felt hopeless. Despite my fears of looking like a beached whale and feeling unworthy of attending, I tried my first yoga class. Life changed for me that day. I felt connected to my body… for the first time. It felt peaceful. It felt freeing. It felt like home. Shortly after, I got certified to teach and started my true path to self-love and self-worth. It’s been an intensive journey full of self-care, coaching, yoga, journaling, crystals and using natural products that support my mental and emotional health. Today, I can actually say that I now accept and respect my body. Some days I even love my body! And now, as a mom, I know first-hand that as we become confident women we raise confident families.