Baby Registry Expert Class
Want to learn EXACTLY what you need?

Learn the 6 Main Categories You Need on Your Registry



Postpartum Peace

The Baby Industry makes it seem like things are so complicated and you actually need a bajillion things.

Sometimes the natural community makes it seem like all you is breasts and a doula.

It's actually a lot more nuanced than that.  

You have unique needs and goals for your pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery and new baby care. 

Just as there is no "one right" way to mother, there is no "one right" registry.

And, there are a lot of things that are definte "no-nos" for optimal health, we'll steer you clear of those.

Cut through the marketing noise
Learn what you really need

Skip the Excess
Enjoy Your Baby & Recovery

Our Next Class is
Saturday, June 1, 2024
at the Tempe Birth Center

Your Guides
Two Doulas on a Mission for Happier Moms and Babies

Ashley is a Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator and loving mom of one little guy.

Stefanie is a Doula, Newborn Care Specialist + Infant Massage and Early Bonding Expert and mom of 5.

We're both passionate about happier and healtier moms and babies, natural birth, breastfeeding and Dr. Montessori's approach to child development.

Our goal in service to the world is to help moms sift through the noise of social media and million-dollar-marketing and find a place of competence and connection in early motherhood.