Planning for Success
however you define success, I have tools for you

Cultivate Clarity
This 6 Session Course
takes you through
how to plan a life you love 
based on YOUR values, roles and goals.
Printable Planners

Cultivate Clarity Planner

This PDF file includes undated
Monthly 2 Page Spread
Monthly Task List
Monthly Guide
Daily Notes Page
Daily Planning Page
Daily Journal Page
Income Tracker
Expense Tracker
Multi-Retailer Shopping List
Grocery List
Values Page
Goal Page
Roles Pages

Business Planner
Homeschool Planner
Cultivate Clarity Montessori Homeschool Planner
This PDF printable planner draws on the simplicity and thoroughness of the Cultivate Clarity Planner and brings Montessori home education into clarity.

Monthly Planning
Containing a two page monthly spread for your  events, goings-out and important dates with a quote from Dr. Maria Montessori, 

There is a monthly overview for the following subjects:
Practical Life
Mathematics & Geometry
Language Studies
Art / Music

Weekly Planning
Lesson Planner which includes space to track all materials you will need to purchase or prepare for the lesson, and space to observe and make notes for future presentations.

Daily Planning
the daily homeschool page has space for up to taking 
observations of up to five children, 
quality time space for up to five, 
It includes space for three presentations

Bound Planners
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