You, my friend, have found this page for a purpose.
You are on the journey of changing your patterns while navigating motherhood. You are here to explore your life in a deep and meaningful way, for you and for your family.
It takes resiliency, self-trust and confidence to take this path. You have these qualities inside of you, even if it feels like they are at a soft flicker. As we work together, they will only grow stronger and you will glow brighter!
I see that you are stronger than you realize. You are more courageous than you’ve been told. You are more influential in your world than you’ve acknowledged.
Notice that you followed your intuition to this opportunity, at this moment. You are ready to recognize the parts of your life you want to carry forward and the parts you want to be free of and change. You are ready for more connection, more peace and more joy!
I believe you are ready to welcome support that is a custom-fit for you.
I believe you are ready to dive deeply into this life-changing experience.
I am ready to go there with you. 
What do you believe?

How Can 1:1 Coaching Help You?

Expectations & Beliefs

In 1:1 coaching you explore your thought patterns, beliefs, responses, actions and results. I coach you to find new ways of approaching and envisioning your life. You will be challenged and you will be inspired!

These supportive models and exercises are tools you will carry forward with you, beyond our time together. You create lasting change, so you can coach yourself and pivot anytime you need it in the future.


Integrate Your Experiences

The mind, body and spirit are inseparable, yet we have been conditioned to compartmentalize our experience to our own detriment. I guide mamas to reintegrate the mind, body and spirit!

This healing process allows you to move forward holistically. Once you experience this way of being, you can model it to your children, teach them to use it their own lives and create generational change.

Own Your New Paradigm

After moving through exploration & integration, you claim ownership of your own life. You determine the beliefs and healthy patterns you want to embrace and carry forward.

You will strengthen your voice, your boundaries and 
your confidence.
You will trust in your intuition
and keep promises to yourself.

Step Into
Your Purpose

Let’s reclaim the term leadership. It’s not for the elite, the old boys club, the Instagram perfect influencers; it’s for you. 

You may not realize the impact you have on your life, your family and your community. The truth is you are a leader! You are invited to embrace your powerful influence and release any mind drama that can come up.
With your strengthened confidence and aligned vision, you will lead from a place of wholeness and love.

Ready to Reclaim Your Joy & Peace?

How We Accomplish This

  • 1 one-hour deep dive call to establish your desired outcomes 
  • 24 one-hour coaching calls
    Access to messaging app between calls
  • Access to vault of trainings related to supporting your desired lifestyle 
  • Access to bi-monthly Aroma Freedom Group Session.  Aroma Freedom Technique is a 12 step process for becoming aware of limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns utilizing the science of aromatherapy to move forward with more joy and confidence. 
What Mamas Are Saying

I am so glad you are here

I’m Stefanie and I am here for you, mama. 

I tried to go it alone for too many years.  I felt shame about how I was doing as a mom and I felt mixed feelings as a woman in my church communities. Wherever you are on your evolving path of motherhood or faith, know you are not alone. With support, it is possible to feel confident in your choices and create change in your life. 

You are a wonderful mother. You are worthy. It‘s time to feel it! 

Explore. Integrate. Own. Lead

© Stefanie Melo