Stefanie Melo - Holistic Life Coach

Hey there mama

Are you ready to experience more peace, more joy, more confidence and reclaim your sparkle? Are you ready to integrate your life experiences into your beliefs? Does the idea of your spiritual practice not being separate from your physical well-being sound dreamy? Do you envision a life in which you are leading your corner of the world from a place of wholeness and confidence? 

Coaching is the best way to do this work. 

My coaching is different. It's holistic. I don't isolate or disconnect parts of you by only supporting your spirit, just focusing on thought patterns, or looking at your physical health alone. You are a whole person and I'm here to support all of you. My coaching offers advanced support to integrate mind, body and spirit.  No more compartmentalizing.  

I offer two types of coaching:

1. Small group coaching
Mamas under construction is for mamas who are deconstructing their religious beliefs and reconstructing their faith. This can be a lonely process and being surrounded by a safe community matters. This is the coaching program that you didn't know you needed. 

2. One-on-one coaching 
This is the VIP coaching experience tailored to your changing needs in the context of what you are hoping to accomplish. I'm here listening to your words and heart, providing tools and advocacy and helping you get the results you want.