Stefanie Melo - Holistic Life Coach
My coaching is different than what you typically see: It's holistic. I don't isolate or disconnect parts of you by only supporting your spirit, just focusing on thought patterns, or exclusively your physical health. You are a whole person and I'm here to support all of you. My coaching offers advanced support to integrate mind, body and spirit.  No more disassociation, no more pat answers. 
One-on-one coaching 
This is the VIP coaching experience tailored to your changing needs in the context of what you are hoping to accomplish. I'm here listening to your words and heart, providing tools and advocacy and helping you get the results you want. You can seek coaching for *any* area of life that you want to make a shift in.  

Perfectly matched coaching is for the couple who wants to take their partnership from the status quo, surviving parenting and getting by as adults. Couple to couple coaching is here to move you towards deeper trust, fulfillment, intimacy, passion and purpose.  This is for the match who wants to move from “okay” to ”great” right there in the complexity of life and parenting.
Mini Coaching packages are there for you when you need short-term support for significant results.  Learn more about this four week coaching package and why it might be just what you need right now.

Individual Coaching Calls
Learn more about 1 time, one hour coaching calls.  This is perfect for when you are in between coaching packages or are just trying to get a sense of my coaching and if it’s for you.