This is my  answer to the vacuum in the marketplace for relaxed Montessori homeschooling.

I have spent the last 5 years DIYing, spending money, taking trainings and been on the floor with my children, desiring to see them fall in love with learning.

Are you idealistic and motivated?  You can homeschool with  Montessori 
Do you have multiple children with a variety of ages?  You can homeschool with Montessori
Are you working with a small budget in your homeschool?  You can homeschool with Montessori
Are you battling anxiety or depression? You can homeschool with Montessori
Are you wondering if you are qualified to homeschool? You can homeschool with Montessori.
Do you have a small home? You can homeschool with Montessori 

I am PASSIONATE about Montessori and am ready to take on the perceived obstacles to Montessori homeschool.

This subscription service offers:
✅Weekly group coaching

✅Daily Inspiration for your journey

✅Community to bounce your ideas off of, and share your successes and  share resources.

✅Overview of Primary & Elementary Education based on Montessori Scope and Sequence

✅ Monthly 1:1 Coaching to support your needs.

Let's Get Started

Payment Options

$1,125 every year until canceled
$125 for 9 monthly payments