Stefanie Melo

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As a sage mama I share content relevant to early motherhood on topics:

Pregnancy health, 
Postpartum wellness,
Infant feeding,
Montessori parenting 
and Fertility 

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Hey There! I’m Stefanie

I was an idealistic mom, working in my own business and longing for the ideal work-life balance. I wanted to be calm, peaceful and happy with my little blessings.  I’m married to a talented, supportive and fun husband and mom to 5 incredible human beings. I fell in love with the idea of Montessori homeschooling.

The problem was I unknowingly battled anxiety and depression, it looked more like rage so I really didn’t know what was happening.  All I knew what that the harder I worked in my business, the guiltier I felt about being away from home.  The more I worked to keep a clean home, the less I connected with my family.  

I felt worse than paralyzed because I was running hard and getting no where.  The more I learned about parenting, the more frustrated I grew with my shortcomings.  My self-esteem hit an all-time-low and my family took the brunt of my frustration.

I had access to amazing resources, but didn’t know the path to overcoming my struggles. Then, after years of struggle I found the way to release the trauma, shame, self-hatred and overwhelm.

Now, that I no longer feel overwhelm, I've been able to move my birth doula business into a holistic perinatal mentorship program.   I now have the ability to homeschool five kids, in perhaps the steepest learning curve of homeschool approaches, run a growing podcast and support other mamas seeking homebirth, VBAC and natural wellness.  I'm so grateful to be on the otherside and living out my passions.

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